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A wide variety of indoor plants available all year round

Indoor plants available all year round. From unique plants to traditional ones: we have the largest collection of indoor plants in Qatar for you.

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An indoor plant for every room

We believe that every room needs a plant. At Plaza Hollandi we feel we have the best indoor plants. Whether it’s a delicate easy to care for orchid for the coffee table, or a low maintenance monstera in the hall – your home is instantly elevated when you bring a little piece of mother nature in your space. We have the perfect plants for low light, plants that are easy to care for and plants that need attention. Whatever you prefer you will find your plants online here for delivery.

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Not sure what plants work best indoors?

Our experts are here to help you choose the right plant for the perfect position. If you need a plant that requires low light, low maintenance in your home our plant experts are available to let you know the best indoor plants for you.

Indoor plants need different environments to look their best. We can help you find the right place for your indoor plants to thrive, offering plant care advice about the soil, leaves and how to look after your plants so your plants are healthy and stay their best. For more information about plant care take a look at our blog.

Indoor plants available in Qatar

Indoor plants are a popular way to bring nature into our homes and workspace. They are typically smaller than outdoor plants and can be placed in pots or containers making them easier to move around and decorate with.

Commonly known for their air purification qualities, indoor plants naturally absorb pollutants which can be found in the air around all households. Studies have shown that indoor plants can help reduce stress and improve mental health, creating a calming environment and promoting feelings of well being and relaxation.

Indoor plants create a variety of shapes and colours making them a popular decorative choice. Plants in your home add a pop of colour to a room and create a bold focal point. Climbing plants such as pothos can be displayed on your bookcases and allowed to grow and hang down. A bold monstera plant is perfect for the corner of your living room, with its natural leaf holes it creates a beautiful display for all to enjoy. Contact us today for more information and same day plant delivery in Qatar.

Indoor plants for your business

Looking to add some life into your office? We can supply indoor plants for every business, whether it’s a stunning centrepiece to add to the foyer that has bright indirect light or an indoor plant to brighten an area with low light. We have the perfect indoor plants for every desk. Want to try something unique? Why not create an indoor green oasis in the conference room. Whatever plant you need, we have the right indoor plants that are easy to care for for you.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of incorporating plants into the office space and business area. While this may seem like a simple aesthetic choice, there are actually many benefits to having plants in your workspace.

Plants are natural air purifiers and can help to remove the harmful toxins from the air around us. This can improve the indoor air quality and add to a healthier environment for employees and customers. Studies have shown that simply looking at plants can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, creating a more relaxed and productive work environment.

Indoor plants in your office and work environment helps to create a welcoming space for your clients. Indoor plants can add a touch of beauty to your indoor space making it more inviting to your employees and your clients. Indoor plants are also a cost effective way of adding nature to your business as they are long-lasting and require little maintenance to make sure they thrive making them a low cost way to enhance the aesthetics of your environment.

Indoor plants for every occasion

Situated off Wholesale Market Street, in Doha lies our Garden Center. Filled with indoor plants and displayed in ways that will give you ideas for your own indoor environment, this beautiful space is a green oasis in the desert. We receive indoor plant deliveries every week from the expert growers in Holland and across the world. Our indoor plants are A1 quality ensuring that they will last and grow with you.

From seasonal plants such as hydrangea, poinsettias and fruit trees to the regular all year round plants such as monstera, dieffenbachia and succulents. Whatever indoor plant you need for your home and business we will have it available along with a vast range of pots and planters. Contact us for more information.

Dutch excellence

Plaza Hollandi is proud of its reputation as Doha’s finest plant supplier – with our exclusive range of indoor plants imported from all over the world we have the right plants for every space and occasion. Need your indoor plants delivered? No problem just place your order online before 5 pm and we will deliver your indoor plants the same day.

Our professional Dutch trained staff make sure that every indoor plant order is arranged to the highest standards. We take pride in ensuring a luxury service at every stage so you can be confident when you order any of our exceptional plants, either online, at our Garden Centre or Plant Nursery that we handle them with the utmost care. Our plants are grown in the highest grade soil and attended to by trained plant professionals so you can be sure your plants will be of the highest quality.

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