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long lasting Flowers

What are long lasting flowers?

The term long lasting flowers means a flower that lasts longer than the usual 4/5 days we have come to expect. In general, cut flowers with woody stems last longer than cut flowers with soft stems. We would categorise long lasting flowers into two categories. Flowers that require water but last a long time and flowers that have been preserved or dried to last longer than naturally possible.  The first type of long lasting flowers can be flowers in our garden that last a long time or flowers at home that are displayed in a vase. The second type of long lasting flowers are natural flowers such as roses that have been through a process of preservation enabling them to last longer than 1 year.  These are commonly referred to as one year roses. For example our rose amor collection. We would also include dried flower in this area.

Types of long lasting flowers

Long lasting flowers for indoors

Ideally we would all like our indoor flowers to last as long as possible. Over the years there has been significant research into the best way to make cut flowers last longer. From putting a copper coin into the water to adding a touch of sugar, you will find there are many suggestions to try.

In our opinion, having been working with flowers for many years, you need to make sure that your vase is clean, the water is changed every two days and you cut the stems at an angle to enable them to absorb the largest amount of water. Keep the flowers out of direct air conditioning and also direct sunlight.  This will help the cut flowers to last longer.    Follow those simple steps to make sure your cut flowers last as long as possible. 

Some cut flowers are perfect in water and equally good out of water. For example statice.  Statice comes in delicate pink, fuchsia, purple, white and violet colours.  They can be put in water in a vase but can also be kept without water and will dry.  When they dry they maintain their colour out of water, which means they are a brilliant long lasting flower to have in your home. 

If you prefer cut fresh flowers and need them to last longer than 4/5 days then we have some recommendations for you. Some of the longest lasting cut flowers available in the market today include wax flower, carnation, chrysanthemum and tropical flowers.  The common theme about these flowers is they all have a firm stems, which are stronger than a soft stem and retains the water for longer. Enabling them to be the best long lasting cut flowers in the vase. 

Follow the tips above to make sure your cut flowers last when you bring them home. This will help the flowers to last longer.   

A recent addition to the cut flower market is preserved roses. These flowers are real roses that have been cut when they are at their most beautiful then preserved in glycerin and other plant elements. This replaces the sap within the rose and re-hydrates the petals and the stem. Creating a long lasting flower that will last well over two years if kept in the correct environment.  By this we mean away from direct sunlight, air conditioning and ideally covered. 

Preserved roses are a beautiful gift to send to your loved ones because you can guarantee they will last longer than a traditional cut flower. If you need ideas for preserved rose arrangements take a look at our long lasting flowers.

Long lasting flowers for outdoor

Creating a beautiful outdoor space for you to enjoy and entertain can be so rewarding.  But what are the best outdoor flowers you can add to your garden or patio that will last well? 

Our first suggestions would be bougainvillea. This beautiful shrub comes in many vibrant colours. It loves the Doha summer and will bloom constantly throughout the year.  So for us the bougainvillea is the best long lasting flower for your garden.

Did you know that the leaves of bougainvillea are called bracts? They produce the colour and surround the tiny white true flowers. Bracts come in many bright colors, making bougainvillea a strikingly colorful garden plant that you can enjoy all year round.

For long lasting perennials you could try Vinnica, also known as periwinkle. They are known for their evergreen foliage that stays lush all year, with beautiful small flowers that emerge in spring. These long lasting flowers offer such colour to your garden. Whether you plant them in a pot or directly into the borders you will enjoy these long lasting flowers for months.

Another beautiful long lasting flower is geranium. Available in a mixture of bright flower colours, geraniums are a perfect long lasting plants that you can add to your pots on your balcony or garden. Geraniums love warm weather but not direct sunlight in the summer. So these flowering plants would be best planted in the winter months in Qatar and kept in the sun and moved to the shade in the summer to ensure they are long lasting.  Make sure to remove old flowers once they have finished flowering, this will encourage new growth. This is necessary for all flowering plants.

Frangipani trees create long lasting flowers with a beautiful scent. These trees come with either white flowers, yellow flower and a plum colour flower. Frangipani are highly regarded in skincare for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it one of the most well-known flowers used in a spa environment. The flower lasts long and doesn’t bruise easily, offering a scented decoration for the spa.

Carissa Microcarpa a shrub native to southern and tropical Africa.  Commonly known as Natal Plum. The fruit of the Carissa is an oblong berry which contains numerous small seeds. The green fruit is poisonous, but the ripe fruit is edible. They have a similar taste to a giant cranberry. The shrubs are perfect for ground cover and prefer a semi shaded position with well drained soil. Before the fruit arrives the plant produces fragrant white long lasting flowers.

Long lasting flowers for your home

We talked about long lasting flowers that have been preserved and ways to treat your flowers to make sure they last a long time.  But there are also other long lasting blooms that you can keep in a vase that will last many years.  These are dried flowers.  

Dried flowers are real flowers that have been dried, naturally through the air.  There are many long lasting dried flowers to choose from. Here are some of our favourites!

Lavender is a beautiful dried flower that keeps its subtle purple colour and also its heavenly scent long after being cut.  The perfume from these long lasting garden flowers is often used for relaxation. Dried lavender is perfect to add to a vase and display by your bedside or alternatively you can remove the lavender seeds and put them in a bowl. The smell will permeate through your home to create a relaxing environment.  

dried flower bouquet

Pampas grass is also a brilliant long lasting plant.  Originally grown in wet marshy areas in the garden, it is now a very popular cut plant. Pampas grass has become so popular over the years, because of its striking shape, height and design.  Pampas grass is available in many colours.  Pink, purple, green, red among others. But for us the natural long lasting original colour is our favourite. 

In recent years there has been a huge rise in the popularity of long lasting dried flowers. The majority of cut flowers and foliage with strong ‘woody’ stems can be dried.  From dried flower bouquets to wedding arches filled with dried pampas grass, dried sunflowers and eucalyptus long lasting flowers are the way to go.

The dried flower trend is still going strong three years after it became a trend and it is not hard to see why. Aside from looking gorgeous on your kitchen table or windowsill, these maintenance-free blooms offer plenty of perks. They do not need water and don’t require specific light to bloom making them perfect for any room in your home, office or work space.

For the environmentally conscious, dried flowers are the perfect alternative to long lasting cut flowers.  Fresh flowers have a limited life span and generally need to be flown to their final destination.  Dried flowers have an unlimited life span so can use more economical methods of transport. Unlike faux flowers, long lasting dried flowers are biodegradable, so if you are concerned about your carbon footprint they are a pretty good option.  

Whether you love sitting in your garden enjoying your long lasting plants or you prefer to have cut flowers in a vase blooming in your home, long lasting flowers and plants are a great way to save money and ensure you always have flowers and plants around you. 

long lasting dried flower bouquet

For more information on how we can help you in the garden discover the services we offer. Or if its flowers you love why not have fresh long lasting weekly flowers delivered directly to your door. 

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