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Welcome Home

Welcome home friends and family with fresh flowers, plants and luxurious gifts hand delivered by Plaza Hollandi

 Welcome Home Flowers  

After a long flight what could be nicer than being welcomed home to fresh flowers.  

Arriving home after a holiday is bittersweet.  You long for your own comforts and familiar surroundings, but the excitement and adventure of travelling is also appealing.  So look forward to coming home with the delivery of fresh flowers.  Choose from mixed roses, hydrangeas and orchids or just a large bouquet of red roses.  

Send fresh flowers to your friends, family and loved ones to let them know you are excited to have them home.  There is nothing better than welcoming the delivery of fresh flowers into your home after a long holiday.  

 Send Indoor Plants 

From succulent gardens to fresh orchids, indoor plants are a perfect gift to send to your friends and family to say welcome home. 

Not sure what plants work best indoors? Our experts are here to help you choose the right plant to send.  Large or small our expertly trained staff are here to help you send the perfect indoor plants.  

Why shop at Plaza Hollandi for your welcome home gift

Our Dutch trained florists are passionate about making each product unique and in accordance to your wishes. With 40 years of experience in the field and locations all over Doha, we are honoured to be able to help you send welcome home flowers to your loved ones with our vast selection of seasonal flowers, plants and luxurious gifts.  


Our 50+ expert florists create unique and beautiful original floral designs.


Choose the perfect flowers and we will take care of the rest.

house plants

Choose your favourite fresh plant to send to your friends, family and loved ones.


Order online via our customised orders by 5pm for same day delivery.

 Enjoy a welcome home dinner 

Celebrate coming home with a dinner with your friends and family. Create the WOW factor and let our floral designers decorate your dining table. We can create a long tablescape covering your tables with tightly arranged hydrangeas, roses, orchids and peonies. Or tall candelabras filled with candles and sweet smelling fresh flowers. Whatever you need our highly trained floral designers are here to make your welcome home dinner perfect.

 Welcome loved ones home with long lasting plants 

Looking to for something different? We can supply plants for home, whether its a stunning centerpiece for your entrance or a plant for the bedside table, we have the right plants for you. Known for their calming and purifying qualities, adding plants to your home will make your environment a better place to be.

 Customise your order  

Everything is possible with our customised orders. Choose from a gift arrangement to place your own gift into, our crystal vases full of red roses or a design you have seen on Pinterest. Our professional floral designers can make exactly what you need and we will hand deliver it to say welcome home.

 Luxurious Perfume 

Need inspirations for a gift to send to your friends and family to welcome them home? Why not send our luxurious fragrance. Created especially by fragrance experts for our customers each fragrance is filled with the finest ingredients including OUD, Ambergris, Musk or Patchouli.

 Flowers and Candles <br 

Our luxury scented candle will infuse the home with its relaxing long lasting aroma. Choose from three different designs of candle and surround them with flowers for an extra special design. Used to uplift, unwind or simply to add an air of luxury. Candles are a beautiful welcome home gift to send to your friends, family and loved ones.

How it Works

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  Decide what you would like  

Decide what bouquet, arrangement, plant or luxurious gift you would like to send to say welcome home.


  Speak to our highly 
  trained staff  

Get in touch with our highly trained staff and discuss your favourite flowers, designs and budget


  Relax in the knowledge  
  that we will take care of  
 your order 

Our staff are now ready to create your order. Sit back and relax. We’ll make sure your order is perfect for your welcome home wishes.


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