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Beautiful spray roses available for delivery all year round

Stunning spray roses available for same day delivery from Plaza Hollandi. Available in different colours for delivery to your door for any occasion.

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Spray Rose Bouquets

Spray roses are an iconic flower and make a perfect gift for any occasion. Our spray roses are chosen for the roses’ beauty, rose colour, rose design and rose fragrance and we are proud to have the largest selection of spray roses available to buy in Qatar online and in our shops. We have multi petal spray roses, delicate scented spray roses and big bold spray roses.

Our expertly trained florists create the perfect designs incorporating our spray roses, all you have to do is choose the type of spray rose you would like, the colour and we will take care of the rest. Plaza Hollandi is proud to have luxurious long lasting spray roses available for delivery in Qatar. Sourced by use from our carefully chosen flower suppliers all over the world.

What could be nicer than receiving a bouquet of spray roses delivered to your door? Spray roses and roses are the perfect flower to take any flower bouquet to the next level. A mixture of spray roses in a bouquet wrapped in paper. Long-lasting and often with a beautiful heady scent, spray roses are the best choice to send for all occasions. From birthdays to welcome home, there is a spray rose colour and variety for every moment.

Spray rose flowers for all occasions

Spray roses, also know in Qatar as baby roses are one of the best flowers to send for any occasion. From birthdays to Ramadan, spray roses are the perfect flower that everyone will enjoy. Send as a spray rose bouquet or a spray rose arrangement, mix your spray roses with other flowers. Whatever spray rose flower design you decide to buy, Plaza Hollandi will make sure that they are the freshest spray roses available. Send spray roses today!

Buy all varieties of roses from Plaza Hollandi. We have weekly shipments of spray roses from our trusted suppliers in Holland, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia. Spray rose growers that we have visited, we trust and that supply us with the best roses in Qatar. Our suppliers have been sending us their spray roses for over 30 years. They know our customers as well as we do and never disappoint.

Perfect as a gift to give to that special someone, spray roses have always been there to show how much you care for them. Our spray rose collection is available in so many colours, fragrances, and sizes making them the perfect flower for any occasion.

Roses for Valentine’s Day

Spray roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, they can be offered for any occasion, such as a birthday, new baby or anniversary. Whether you prefer a classical style bouquet of tightly arranged spray roses or a European style design of loose spray roses mixed with foliage and other flowers such as sunflowers, you will find everything you need on our website and in our shops. Spray roses are a beautiful addition to any flower bouquet or flower arrangement, adding a bold shape and heady scent.

Special Roses for a Bouquet

Looking for something a little special? Look no further than our beautiful range of garden roses and garden spray roses. Grown to resemble roses that are in country gardens, these garden roses have a beautiful scent and many frilly petals. Available in stunning bright and pastel colours, garden roses are a very special rose to include in your flower bouquet or flower arrangement. Choose a pink rose to celebrate a newborn baby girl or a beautiful red rose to show someone you love them. Garden roses are so special.

Garden spray roses are cut at the time just before they bloom, ensuring that you, the customer, can see their beauty when you take them home. They may not last as long as traditional roses but they will give you so much pleasure whilst you have them in your home.

Want to send something different to a friend or family member? Why not send a bouquet of mixed colour scented garden spray roses. An opulent gift that will be sure to make the recipient smile.

It’s Easy to Order Roses

Never ordered spray roses before? Don’t worry! At Plaza Hollandi we are here to help guide you through the process. Whether it is a heady scented rose that you would like or a special rare black rose, anything is possible.

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