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Beautiful bougainvillea plants, perfect to plant outside. Order your plant now for delivery

Beautiful bright vibrant bougainvillea plants, perfect to add colour and design to your garden. Order your plants from Plaza Hollandi today.

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Beautiful bright Bougainvillea Plants

Bougainvillea plants are known for their vibrant, showy blooms and ability to thrive in warm, sunny climates such as Qatar. They are a native to South America but have been cultivated and grown all around the world, such as Spain, Greece, Australia and South America. If you are looking to add some colour and texture to your garden, bougainvillea are the perfect choice and Plaza Hollandi has many different sizes, styles and colours of bougainvillea available.

Bougainvillea plants come in many different shapes and colours. For example bonsai bougainvillea, tri colour bougainvillea or and simply beautiful bushy bougainvillea shrubs. They can grow as shrubs, trees and vines, making them suitable for all sunny areas of your garden.

These plants are renowned for their vibrant bracts, which are specialised leaves that surround their inconspicuous small white flower. The bracts come in a variety of colours. Some of the most recognisable bougainvillea is the bright pink variety, often photographed and shared on many instagram posts. But bougainvillea also comes in red, white, peach, yellow and purple. Horticulturalists have also been able to graft bougainvillea making it possible to have a few different colours showing on one trunk. At Plaza Hollandi we have a vast array of bougainvillea varieties available for delivery in Qatar.

How to grow and care for your Bougainvillea

How to look after your Bougainvillea

Once you have your beautiful bougainvillea plant at home you may want to know some tips and tricks on how to look after your outdoor plant. Here are some of the main things to remember when looking after your bougainvillea to help them grow and add colour to your garden..

Bougainvillea plants are easy to look after and very rewarding if you take note of the basics. Watering, fertilisation and placement. These outdoor plants are perfect to be planted in your garden, drive, or business entrance. In Qatar bourgainvillea are the perfect plant to add to your outdoor space as they are happy with the extreme hot weather, and continue to produce their stunning colourful bracts all year around.

Bougainvilleas are not picky about their soil quality or PH levels. But to ensure they are blooming to their full beauty is best to fertilise your plants once a month. When you Bougainvillea plants love a good prune. So when your plant becomes a bit leggy and unruly,cut back these stems and you will soon notice a new burst of colour.

How to water Bourgainvillea plant

Bougainvillea plants can be planted directly in a sunny position, but they will need watering regularly. Whilst they are a drought tolerant plant they do need water especially in the initial growing phase. But be cautious not to over water these outdoor plants as this will cause root rot.

Once your bougainvillea plant is established you can water it when the top inch of soil is dry. You will find that bougainvilleas bloom more when the soil is a little dry. This is why bougainvilleas are perfect for a garden in Qatar.

Bougainvilleas are not picky about their soil quality or PH levels. But to ensure they are blooming to their full beauty is best to fertilise your plants once a month.

What colours do bougainvillaea plants come in?

Bougainvillea plants come in a variety of bold beautiful colours. Including dark pink and light pink, a beautiful delicate peach colour, purple, white, yellow and you can even find some varieties with multi-coloured bracts, such as white and pink.

The most common colour of bougainvillea is the dark pink variety. This can be found all over the mediterranean, Asia, Africa and North & South America.

Dutch excellence

Plaza Hollandi is proud of its reputation as Doha’s finest plant supplier – with our exclusive range of outdoor plants imported from all over the world we have the right plants for every space and occasion. Need your outdoor plants delivered? No problem just place your order online before 5 pm and we will deliver your indoor plants the same day.

Our professional Dutch trained staff make sure that every indoor plant order is arranged to the highest standards. We take pride in ensuring a luxury service at every stage so you can be confident when you order any of our exceptional plants, either online, at our Garden Centre or Plant Nursery that we handle them with the utmost care. Our plants are grown in the highest grade soil and attended to by trained plant professionals so you can be sure your plants will be of the highest quality.

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