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Dried flowers perfect for all occasions

Popular long lasting dried flowers, perfect for all floral arrangements. Add dried flowers to any flower arrangement or display them on their own.

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Flower Bouquets

Fresh flower bouquets are available for delivery in Qatar. Our flower bouquets are unique because of the care and attention that goes into creating each bouquet. Our talented fully trained florists hand select each stem and arrange them in a unique and creative way, ensuring that every flower bouquet is one of a kind.

We use only the freshest and highest quality flowers, sourced from growers that we have had relationships with for over 20 years. Our growers know our customers and know the standard of flowers that they require. The premium quality of our flowers means that our flower bouquets are fresh and will last as long as possible in your home, office or business.

Plaza Hollandi’s different styles for you to choose

We have three specific styles of flower bouquets to choose from;

  • European Style – Our inspiration comes from International European designs and features sumptuous foliage and allows each flower to have space to show its individual beauty.
  • Classical Style – Big bold floral designs that are filled with fresh flowers such as peonies, orchids and hydrangeas with minimal foliage; tightly packed for an opulent design.
  • Romantic Style – Beautiful grand gestures of red roses and romantic flowers to make sure your loved one knows how special they are.

From the moment you place your order for your flower bouquet our staff is dedicated to ensuring you are completely satisfied with your bouquet when it is delivered. So you can relax in the knowledge that our talented floral designers will make your flower bouquet that you chose and it will arrive exactly when and where you need it.

What makes our flowers special?

Our flowers are special because of the combination of quality, variety and service that we offer to our customers. With over 20 years experience working with our customers in Qatar we know the quality of flowers you expect, the standard of service you require and the level of attention to detail that is needed to ensure our customers are happy with their flowers.

Whether you’re sending a gift to a loved one, decorating your home for a special event or celebrating a special occasion, we are here to help you create a beautiful and memorable moment with our stunning flowers.
Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any home, office or business and can brighten up any room adding a pop of colour and a beautiful fragrance. At Plaza Hollandi we have daily deliveries of flowers from our trusted suppliers around the world. From roses from Ecuador to orchids from Holland: you can be sure our flowers are fresh and of the highest quality. Ensuring that they last in your home, office or business for the longest amount of time possible. Contact us today to find out more about our fresh flower delivery in Qatar.

Fresh flower delivery in Qatar

There is nothing nicer than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to your door. The surprise and the gesture create a wonderful happiness for the recipient. Similarly if you are having an occasion adding flowers is the perfect way to create a beautiful ambiance. Whether you add single stems to little vases and display them throughout your venue. Or you order large opulent Classical style flower arrangements, flowers will always add something extra to any occasion.

Some of our customers favourite flowers include: hydrangea, peonies, roses and of course tulips. Flowers are perfect to send to celebrate any occasion. Choose a beautiful loose European Style bouquet for a very important birthday or a lavish crescent moon flower arrangement to celebrate Eid. Any occasion is elevated by the inclusion of fresh flowers.

Plaza Hollandi is the number one choice for buying fresh flowers in Qatar – you can be sure that your flowers will be fresh, handled with care and delivered carefully to their final destination. Plaza Hollandi offers same day flower delivery throughout Qatar.

Flowers for all occasions

Flowers are perfect to send for any occasion. From birthdays to Ramadan, flowers are something that everyone will enjoy. Sending a rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day or a mixed flower arrangement to welcome a new baby; whatever you choose we will ensure your design is made with the freshest flowers available and delivered in Qatar when you need it.

Buy all varieties of flowers from Plaza Hollandi. We have weekly shipments of roses, hydrangeas, lilies, orchids, sunflowers and more from our trusted suppliers in Holland, Ecuador, Kenya,Lebanon, Ethiopia and around the world. These are flower suppliers that we trust, have visited and who know what our customers want. Our flower suppliers have been sending us their beautifully grown flowers for over 20 years. They know our customers as well as we do and never disappoint.

Perfect as a gift to give to that special someone, flowers have always been there to show how much you care for them. Our flower collection is available in so many varieties, colours, fragrances, and sizes making them perfect for any occasion.

How to choose your flowers

When selecting flowers for your home, business or for a gift, consider what colours and styles fit the person or place where they will be put. Choose flowers that complement the existing colour scheme or add a pop of contrast. If you have a neutral colour scheme try adding a bold bright pop of colour, like sunflowers, tulips or roses. If you have a more vibrant colour scheme think about a more muted colour scheme that will compliment the surroundings without overpowering them.
For the more traditional style, roses, hydrangeas and spray roses work perfectly. For something unique and different why not choose, amaryllis, delphiniums or proteas. All of these flowers have a bold natural design to their stem.
Not sure what flowers to order? No problem, contact us today and we can show you what we have available and help you decide which flowers you would like for delivery in Qatar.

It’s easy to order your flowers

Never ordered flowers before? Don’t worry! At Plaza Hollandi we are here to help guide you through the process. Whether it is a bouquet of scented roses or a beautiful flower arrangement, anything is possible. Simply look through our collection online and in our shops or contact us for more information.

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