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Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Discover Plaza Hollandi’s landscape design service and transform your outdoor space.

Landscape Design

What is your idea of the perfect landscape designed garden? Whether it be your front yard, back yard, balcony or patio landscaping your property not only adds value to your home it also give you a wonderful place to sit and relax. From pots full of fragrant plants to water features and fire pits, there is so much choice available that will enhance your home and create a beautiful outdoor retreat that will compliment your beautiful indoor flowers and plants.

There are many different styles of gardens, which we will touch on later, but first you need to decide if you would like to landscape your front yard, back yard or both.  Ideally we all want low maintenance landscaping. Something easy to look after that will create an impact but not take all our time to maintain. Simple landscaping planting techniques can help you to create this effect.  By adding feature plants such as grasses, that move in the wind and long lasting, you can create texture in your front or back yard.  For those unusual cold nights when you want to sit outside and enjoy your back yard with your friends why not create a fire pit area where you can sit around together? Plant natural evergreen plants such as cycas, ehretia and ficus into pots around your seating area to give a natural modern landscaping feel. 

What landscape design would you like? The choice is yours. For example you can choose a Mediterranean garden with bold and beautiful bougainvillea and unique bonsai olive trees.  If a Japanese inspired garden is more your style add a mixture of grasses, bamboo and acer trees, rocks, ponds and lanterns.  Or you could go for a classical garden design and add some beautifully trimmed ehretia shrubs for structure. Or a beautiful desert rich cacti garden. Our professional Landscape Design Team can provide any custom-made designs, taking into account all your wishes. Below are some examples. For more design ideas why not look at our Instagram

Japanese garden with pink azalea and plants
Japanese Garden
landscaped patio area with seating
Modern Garden
English Garden with full boarder flowers
English Garden
Classic garden design with beach trees, grasses and dining area
Classical Garden
cactus garden
Cacti Garden
Mediterranean garden with lavender and olive trees
Mediterranean Garden

How it works

Begin the process of landscape design by thinking about the style of garden you would like in your front yard, back yard and patio. Think about the types of flowers and plants you like and whether you would or wouldn’t like paving, grass, trees, pots and flowers beds. Deciding what you like in advance can help our landscape designer to come up with design ideas to suit your style. With a wealth of knowledge about garden design techniques, plants that grow well in Qatar’s harsh climate and a professional trained team to build your final garden design our landscape design team are the best choice for you.

Simply contact us on +(974) 3381 4809 or send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment. Our Landscape Design Manager, has over 10 years experience designing and creating outdoor spaces in the Middle East.  He will visit your home to see the area you want to have transformed and make an in depth analysis of the site. Following the visit our landscape design team will draw up a tailormade design using AutoCAD and /or 3D real time landscaping programs, which will include plant varieties, groundwork and after care.  

Upon approval of the design a down payment is required. Then the transformation can begin. We will start with the groundwork ensuring it is level and stable. Then onto the planting and beautification. Many of the outdoor plants we use are grown right here in Qatar. They are used to the climate and have been cared for by our own plants specialists at our plant nursery.  Before long your backyard, front yard and patio will be a relaxing oasis for you to enjoy with your friends and family. 

Once your garden is completed we will make sure you know the best way to care for your new plants and outdoor space. We offer a full or partial garden maintenance service. For more information about this service please contact (+974) 6659 0648 Or email [email protected] 

5 Simple Steps to Your Landscaped Garden


Step 1 -
Contacts Us

Contact our Project Manager for Design and Landscaping by phone on: +(974) 3381 4809 or send an email to make an appointment.


Step 2 -
Site Visit

Our Project Manager will visit your site and make an in depth analysis of the area

house plants

Step 3 -
Select Your Style

Choose your preferred garden style and requirements


Step 4 -
Landscape Blueprint

Our landscape design team will draw up a tailor-made design, including plant varieties, groundwork and after care, using AutoCAD and/or 3D real time landscaping programs


Step 5 -

Upon approval a down payment is required.
Our landscape design team will start the groundwork to prepare the transformation of your outdoor space.


Fully qualified Landscape Designers


Home grown plants from our nursery in Qatar, suitable for the desert climate


Longstanding relationships with suppliers all over the world

house plants

Professional landscape design and planting services with aftercare


In depth understanding of our customers needs and lifestyle

Our Landscape Design Team

Dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy in the cooler months? Our professional Landscape Design Team and Dutch-trained horticultural specialists are the perfect choice.  With over 10 years’ design and maintenance experience  working in the Middle East, our landscape design team has in-depth knowledge of different styles of gardens suitable for the climatic conditions. Rest assured we know the right plants and designs to suit your requirements. From a simple landscape design to an intricate design project, no design is too big or too small. Let us transform your outdoor place with our landscape design knowledge. 

Plaza Hollandi landscaping team

Our Services

Keeping your landscaped garden looking beautiful doesn’t need to be a chore. To ensure proper maintenance of the final design we offer outdoor maintenance contracts for your newly made garden. This will ensure your plants and trees stay in the best condition and your beautiful garden design gives your pleasure for years to come.

Our Outdoor Maintenance Team will take care of your plants, trees and shrubs, ensuring your landscape designed garden stays healthy.  Contact us today for more information about our services.

Contact us for more information by calling (+974) 6659 0648 Or email [email protected]


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