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Plaza Hollandi Boutique

Be like flowers opening in the morning sun – let the bright spirit of ‘Morning Sunshine’ fill your day with joy and growth at every step.

Plaza Boutique
Plaza Boutique

About the Plaza Hollandi Boutique

In 1999, Plaza Hollandi took root when Hans Steeneveld sent a Sri Lankan employee to the Netherlands for floral training. Upon returning, they opened the first “shop-in-shop” at Megamart-Landmark Supermarket, marking the humble beginnings of Plaza Hollandi.

From its modest start with just two employees, Plaza Hollandi has blossomed into Qatar’s floral market leader. With a network of flower shops scattered across Doha, the brand ensures the enchantment of flowers reaches every corner, creating beautiful memories.

The Plaza Hollandi Boutique in partnership with Printemps, the premier destination for luxury and fashion presents an exclusive floral experience at the heart of Doha Oasis. Showcasing unique products directly sourced from the Netherlands, the global epicenter of floral beauty, it adds a distinctive touch to the Plaza Hollandi legacy.

Mission statement

At Plaza Hollandi Boutique, sincerity is our primary motivation. We aim to be your exclusive choice for commemorating memories and events. With a rich 25-year experience in the field, our team of floral designers is dedicated to crafting the perfect floral experiences. From iconic events like the World Cup 2022 to royal palaces, we go beyond the ordinary to provide you with an unforgettable and happy experience. Plaza Hollandi has been awarded the “Arabian Best of Best Award 2022,” which grants us the honour and pride of being the top leader in luxury experience creation.

Our commitment to quality

Plaza Hollandi Boutique is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of artistry and professionalism in all services and occasions. The awards we’ve received in recent years show how committed we are to making lasting impressions with our flowers and services. Such services vary to cover personalized bouquets, artful arrangements, or vibrant collections of floral beauty glamorizing your living space. Plaza Hollandi Boutique provides the perfect touch for all your moments to celebrate.

Visit our boutique

Plaza Hollandi Boutique in the heart of Doha Oasis offers an exceptional flower experience. We are here to transform your celebrations into wonderful moments by blending Dutch floral expertise with Qatari majesty. Visit a world of flowers where each bloom reveals a story, and each bouquet is a creation of aesthetics.


(+974) 6690 8251


Printemps Doha, Doha Oasis,
Al Khaleej Street 221,
P.O. Box 2202,
Doha, Qatar


You can find the Plaza Boutique inside the Printemps Doha mall.


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