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Build Your Own Customised Flower Order for Any Occasion

No matter what you are looking for, we can create any design you want. Your beautiful customised order will be tailored to your wishes.

Everything is possible with our customised orders

Choose from a gift arrangement to place your own gift into, our crystal vases full of red roses or a design you have seen on Pinterest. Our professional floral designers can make exactly what you need for your online flower order. Below are some examples.

Customised Orders Flowers
white peony bridal bouquet with eucalyptus
Yellow spray rose arch and moss for a customised arrangement
moss ball with pink protea
Gucci bag with yellow roses and white eustoma

How it works


Step 1

Contact us by phone on: (+974) 3398 7658 to discuss your preferred design you have in mind. If you have a photo please send it to us.

online payment

Step 2

Once your custom order is finalised with our florist and you have decided when you want it delivered, kindly complete the payment online by selecting the amount below.


Step 3

Your order will be delivered on your chosen day and time.

What to do next

Once we have finalised your customised order simply select the total amount using the ‘notes’ below.  Add to your basket to make the total for your order and follow the simple instructions to complete the payment.  Your unique customised flower arrangement will be delivered on the day and time slot you have chosen.

Flowers tailored to your needs

Our flowers perfectly communicate any message, such as ‘welcome home’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘thank you’, ‘you’re my best friend’, ‘happy anniversary’ or just to say ‘good morning’.

Whether you’re planning for a family party, birthday surprise, gender reveal party, or need gorgeous flowers for a perfect wedding, Plaza Hollandi is here for you. We listen to your flower needs and help you to choose the right customised flowers, whatever the occasion. Order your flowers online and we will make sure you receive the same quality service for your customised orders.

Give our professional florists a call today and we can help you design the customised flowers you want and have the flowers delivered at the time that suits you. Our Dutch trained florists will be sure to go the extra mile offering advice on the best combinations, what flowers are in season, and how to look after them so they stay fresh for the longest time ensuring your custom flower order is delivered in the highest standard.

Your style, your choice

Our customised flower orders are all about you. So whether you like big and bold flower arrangement or maybe some cut flowers delivered – we can build your order around you. No matter what you are looking for, you can get the flowers delivered that you want and when you want them. 

Nothing is impossible

No occasion is too big or too small for us to cater for. So whether you are looking for wedding flowers to fill the tables, a jaw-dropping floral centre piece for a dinner party or just fancy brightening up your home with fresh customised flowers, we have the perfect flowers for you. Buy your fresh flowers online with Plaza Hollandi and make sure your flower order is customised to suit your needs.

Have a specific event and are not sure what you are looking for? Give us a call and we can help bring your event to life. 


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