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Celebrate Ramadan with flowers & plants from Plaza Hollandi

Ramadan Kareem! Celebrate this time with friends & family and enjoy our flower, plants and luxurious gifts from Plaza Hollandi.

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Ramadan Flowers

Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the lunar (Islamic ) calendar. A time when the Muslim culture fast from dawn till dusk, traditionally breaking their fast with dried and fresh fruit. Fasting is a time for spiritual reflection, heightened devotion, compassion and worship. It is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and a time to reset your mindset and become closer to your faith. Millions of Muslims around the world gather together with their friends and family, attending prayers, breaking their fast together and celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Gifts

Plaza Hollandi has so many options to choose from, perfect to give to your loved ones over the Holy month of Ramadan. Choose to buy a large planter full of Phalaenopsis orchids to send to your loved ones for them to enjoy throughout Ramadan. Whatever you need Plaza Hollandi has the best available options and will deliver them directly to your home or your loved ones’ homes.

Celebrate Ramadan together with friends and family surrounded by fresh flowers, plants and luxurious gifts. Choose from our beautiful range of flowers, plants and luxurious gifts.

Ramadan is a wonderful time to send gifts to your loved ones to show them you are in their thoughts. For something unique why not let our highly trained staff create a one of a kind design from our customised order. With over 20 years experience in Qatar, we know what our customers want to give their loved ones. From lavish gifts surrounded by fresh flowers to a large basket full of flowers with their first Holy Quran. Whatever you need to make your customised order special Plaza Hollandi’s highly trained floral designers are here to help.

Ramadan Decorations

Iftar and Suhoor are family affairs. When the whole family comes together to eat and share food in Ramadan surrounded by decorated tables full of fruits, flowers and plants. Paying attention to the small decorative details and your table will be spectacular. Have a flower arrangement as a centerpiece on your table surrounded by your Iftar feast.

Coordinate the colours with your interiors or choose deep rich tones such as burgundy’s, golds, greens and reds. Add single stem flowers to glass vases and place them onto trays full of the essentials; such as water and dates. Welcome your loved ones for Iftar and Suhoor and enjoy this spiritual time together.

Ramadan Flower Delivery

For friends and family who can’t be with you, why not surprise them with something special. We have a vast collection of luxurious gifts for you to purchase that are perfect for Ramdan. Imagine sending a luxurious bouquet of flowers along with a beautiful luxurious voucher for the five star hotel Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa for them to use when they want.

Looking to buy a gift specific for Ramadan that will last the test of time, Plaza Hollandi have many options to choose from. From a beautiful symbolic crescent moon design that is filled with fresh and dried flowers, to a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a glass vase, and everything in between. We have so many options of fresh flowers, plants and luxurious gifts to choose from. You will definitely find the perfect gift to suit this occasion.

Ramadan is a time of contemplation when you tend to spend more time at home. Make your indoor space green and welcoming by adding indoor plants to your interior. We have so many indoor plants to choose from we are sure you will find the perfect plant that you can buy on our website!

Buy a beautiful long lasting plant as an Ramadan holiday gift to yourself or your loved ones. For something floral, how about a subscription to weekly flowers that can be enjoyed for weeks to come. Plaza Hollandi has so many exciting Ramadan gift options for you to choose from.

Perfume for Ramadan

We have fresh long lasting fragrances that will evoke memories. From the delicate summer fragrance of our Pretty Peach perfume with a beautiful bouquet, to the bold and heady scent of our Beaming Blue perfume. Our perfume, made in Qatar, is long lasting and the perfect locally made Qatari gift for you to buy and send for same day delivery.

To break your fast, why not indulge in a beautiful chocolate or macaroon. Offer your guests a luxurious box of chocolates or macarons when they arrive at your home for Iftar celebrations paired with fresh flowers and plants. A perfectly delicious welcome for your guests. Available to buy on our webshop, our flowers and chocolate are a perfect choice. There is nothing quite like treating yourself to a decadent chocolate or macaron of premium quality just like Pierre Hermé.

Unique Gifts for Ramadan

Plaza Hollandi has a vast selection of unique Ramadan gifts coupled with flowers. Beautiful rose bouquets that stand alone or paired with luxurious hand selected products. Buy your gifts for your family and friends and truly show them that you are thinking of them throughout the Holy month of Ramadan. We have something for all preferences, from a luxurious gift collection, to a long lasting red rose arrangement. You will find the perfect gifts to buy for all of your friends and family.

Renowned for our customer care and quality products, Plaza Hollandi’s Ramadan gift selection, available to buy online, is the perfect place to choose your special presents. Simply choose your gift from our vast range of flowers, plants and luxurious gifts and we will take care of the rest. We will make sure your gifts start off perfectly by delivering your them directly to the recipient’s door.

Buy something special to treat the special person in your life for their Ramadan month. Something they will remember and treasure that will make their Ramadan one to remember.

Made to order, our fresh flowers and plants are hand selected to add the personal touch. Bought on the day and time you choose and delivered when you need them, our flowers, plants and luxurious gifts are the perfect surprise to make a day to remember.

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