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25 Quick Sand Roses with Glass Vase and Chocolate

QAR 390 / ٣٩٠ ر.ق

The 25 Quick Sand Roses with Glass Vase and Flower Power Mix 24 Pcs is a luxurious floral arrangement that exudes elegance and sophistication. Featuring delicate Quick Sand roses in a soft, sandy hue, this arrangement adds a touch of understated beauty to any space. Each rose is meticulously arranged in a clear glass vase, creating a stunning display that effortlessly enhances any room’s ambiance. Perfect for gifting or as a centerpiece for weddings, events, or home décor, these roses bring timeless charm and natural grace to any setting.


Timeless Beauty with a Touch of Intrigue : 25 Quicksand Roses with Glass Vase and Chocolates

Gift a touch of sophistication with a hint of mystery with our 25 Quicksand Roses arrangement. These captivating roses boast a mesmerizing blend of creamy ivory and soft peach tones, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance with a touch of intrigue. Each bloom is expertly displayed in a sleek glass vase, allowing their captivating beauty to take center stage. To complete this luxurious experience, we’ve included a box of delectable dessert chocolates, offering a delightful contrast in taste and texture.

Experience the delicate beauty of Quick Sand Roses paired with the indulgence of chocolate with our 25 Quick Sand Roses with Glass Vase and Chocolate. Let Plaza Hollandi be your partner in creating memorable moments and expressing your heartfelt emotions through our extraordinary floral creations.


This enchanting combination is perfect for :

  • Expressing your appreciation in a sophisticated way: The Quicksand Roses’ unique color palette adds a touch of intrigue, making your gesture even more memorable.
  • Creating a timeless centerpiece: This arrangement adds a touch of elegance to any home, suitable for a variety of occasions.
  • Offering a unique and unforgettable gift: The Quicksand Rose’s captivating colors ensure this arrangement stands out from the crowd.


Key features :

  • 25 captivating Quicksand Roses in a mesmerizing blend of ivory and peach tones, offering a unique color palette.
  • Sleek glass vase that highlights the roses’ timeless elegance and allows their beauty to shine.
  • Box of gourmet dessert chocolates for a touch of decadent indulgence, adding a delightful contrast to the visual experience.

Plaza Hollandi’s 25 Quicksand Roses with Glass Vase and Chocolates transcends the ordinary.


To care for Roses in a glass vase :

1. Place in bright, indirect light.
2. Keep soil consistently moist, not waterlogged.
3. Remove wilted leaves or flowers promptly.
4. No fertilizing needed in the vase.
5. Clean the vase as needed.
6. Maintain moderate temperatures and humidity.
7. Enjoy their beauty regularly.

Following these steps will help your Roses thrive and remain stunning in their vase.

Order yours today in Qatar and create a lasting impression with a gift that is both sophisticated and intriguing!


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