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Moon Arrangement In A Blue Pot

QAR 650 / ٦٥٠ ر.ق

A blue pot holds Cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and delphinium, enhanced by a half moon, symbolizing Ramadan’s spirituality and elegance.

This enchanting arrangement brings the magic of the night sky indoors. Lush greenery and pearly white blooms are artfully nestled within a vibrant blue pot, creating a captivating lunar landscape.

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Lunar Elegance : Moon Arrangement in a Blue Pot

This exquisite flower arrangement, nestled in a stylish blue pot, showcases Cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and delphinium, accentuated by a half moon, evoking Ramadan’s sacred beauty and spirituality.

Discover the enchanting beauty of our Moon Arrangement in a Blue Pot, a celestial-inspired floral masterpiece that combines the allure of the moon with the elegance of fresh flowers. Immerse yourself in a world of celestial beauty as you behold this captivating arrangement, carefully crafted to bring a touch of celestial magic into your space.

This stunning arrangement features a harmonious blend of blooms that perfectly capture the ethereal beauty of the moon. Delicate white or blue flowers, such as hydrangeas, delphiniums, or cornflowers, are meticulously arranged to mimic the serene glow of moonlight. The choice of flowers reflects the purity and tranquility associated with the moon, creating a sense of calm and serenity.


A Celestial Statement Piece :

  • Shape: Inspired by the moon, this arrangement evokes a sense of serenity and mystery.
  • Color Palette:
    • Pot: A striking blue, reminiscent of a clear night sky.
    • Flowers: Delicate white blooms create a moonlit effect.
    • Greenery: Lush greens add depth and texture, representing the earth below.
  • Flowers: (Specify a type if you know it) Delicate white flowers like hydrangeas, lilies, or baby’s breath would complement the moon theme beautifully.
  • Overall Impression: Elegant and sophisticated, this arrangement is a conversation starter as a centerpiece or a thoughtful gift for the astronomy enthusiast in your life.



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