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Orchid Flower Arrangement in a Basket

QAR 650 / ٦٥٠ ر.ق

The arrangement, accented by a half moon, incorporates Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis orchids, Delphinium, and peonies, offering a radiant tribute to Ramadan.

This stunning arrangement showcases the timeless elegance of orchids, beautifully arranged in a charming basket. Each element of this arrangement is thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious display that will add a touch of grace and sophistication to any space.


Elegance Redefined : Orchid Flower Arrangement in a Basket

The Ramadan-themed arrangement, adorned with a half moon, harmoniously combines Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis orchids, Delphinium, and peonies. Its vibrant diversity symbolizes the spirit of the occasion, evoking beauty and renewal, while honoring the sacred significance of Ramadan with elegance and reverence.

  • Stunning Orchids: Featuring a selection of [orchid variety – Phalaenopsis is most common, but you can mention Dendrobium or Moth Orchids for variety] orchids in full or partial bloom, this arrangement offers a captivating display of color and texture. (You can specify color options here, e.g., classic white, vibrant purple, or a delightful mix).
  • Woven Basket Charm: Nestled within a beautiful woven basket, the orchids take on a natural and inviting ambiance. (Specify the basket material – wicker, willow, etc. – and any unique details like color or texture).
  • Long-lasting Beauty: Orchids are known for their impressive longevity, offering weeks of vibrant color and graceful elegance.


Perfect for :

  • Adding a touch of elegance to a home office or living room.
  • Sending a sophisticated gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or congratulations.
  • Uplifting the spirits of a loved one during recovery or as a thoughtful “thinking-of-you” present.
  • Bringing a touch of luxury to any special occasion.


Why Choose Us :

  • Expertly arranged orchids for a visually stunning presentation.
  • High-quality, hand-woven baskets for a natural and charming touch.
  • Long-lasting flowers for weeks of enjoyment.


Optional Additions :

  • Include a care guide to ensure the recipient can enjoy their orchids for as long as possible.
  • Upgrade to a premium basket for an extra touch of luxury.
  • Personalize the arrangement with a decorative ribbon or a heartfelt message card.


Embrace the timeless beauty of orchids.

Order your Orchid Flower Arrangement in a Basket today!



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