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Nyla Flower Bouquet

QAR 570 / ٥٧٠ ر.ق

A stunning bouquet of pink and off white flowers with pink spray roses, roses, O’Hara scented roses, waxflower, and eucalyptus arranged in a glass vase.


Nyla Flower Bouquet : A Touch of Graceful Whimsy

Nyla: A stunning bouquet of pink and off-white flowers with pink spray roses, roses, O’Hara scented roses, waxflower and eucalyptus arranged in a glass vase.  This flower bouquet is perfect for any occasion and would be a beautiful gift to receive via same-day delivery.

Embrace a sense of delicate charm and playful delight with the Nyla Flower Bouquet from Plaza Hollandi. This whimsical creation, handcrafted by our passionate florists, features a delightful mix of blooms and textures, perfect for adding a touch of enchanting beauty to any occasion.


A Symphony of Softness and Whimsy:

  • A Playful Mix of Blooms: The Nyla bouquet is a delightful blend of soft and whimsical flowers. Imagine fluffy hydrangeas nestled amongst delicate spray roses, playful billy balls, and sprigs of lavender. This unexpected combination creates a visually intriguing display that is both soft and captivating.
  • A Palette of Tranquil Beauty: Soft hues of lavender, blush pink, and creamy white create a calming and serene color story. These tranquil tones evoke feelings of peace, joy, and childlike wonder, making the Nyla bouquet perfect for a variety of occasions.
  • Delicate Textural Elements: Adding to the whimsical charm are soft feathers or wispy dried flowers incorporated throughout the arrangement. These elements add a touch of whimsy and a connection to nature, creating a truly unique and enchanting bouquet.


The Plaza Hollandi Difference:

  • Unmatched Freshness: We use only the freshest, premium blooms to create the Nyla Flower Bouquet. This meticulous care ensures a vibrant and long-lasting display that continues to radiate soft beauty and whimsy for days to come.
  • Expertly Designed by Hand: Our skilled florists take immense pride in their artistry. Each Nyla bouquet is meticulously designed to create a balanced and visually enchanting composition that captures the essence of whimsical charm.
  • Delivered with Care: Plaza Hollandi offers convenient delivery options to guarantee your Nyla Flower Bouquet arrives at its destination looking fresh and vibrant, ready to fill any space with a touch of playful delight.


Nyla: More Than Just Flowers, a Whimsical Moment

The Nyla Flower Bouquet transcends a simple collection of blooms. It’s a captivating expression of joy and wonder, a celebration of delicate beauty, and a whimsical touch that creates a lasting impression. Let Plaza Hollandi help you spread a little sunshine and whimsy with this unforgettable floral creation.

Order your flower bouquet today and we will take care of the rest.


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