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Rose and Eustoma Mix Arrangement

QAR 150 / ١٥٠ ر.ق

Royal Elegance in a Pot: Purple roses, white eustoma, pink wax flowers, and eryngium blossoms make a majestic arrangement. Fit for royalty, this masterpiece is a true work of art.

Embrace the essence of regal beauty with the Peony Victoria arrangement, exclusively at Plaza Hollandi. This show-stopping masterpiece features the breathtaking Peony Victoria bloom, renowned for its size, luxuriance, and captivating fragrance.


Unveiling Majesty : The Plaza Hollandi Peony Victoria Arrangement

Victoria: Experience the regal charm with our ‘Royal Elegance in a Pot’ arrangement. Featuring luxurious purple roses, delicate white eustoma, blush pink wax flowers, and enchanting eryngium blossoms, this majestic arrangement is fit for royalty. Each element harmonizes to create a masterpiece that exudes sophistication and grace. Whether adorning your own space or as a gift for someone special, this stunning arrangement is a true work of art, elevating any environment with its beauty and elegance.

  • The Queen of Flowers: Peony Victoria reigns supreme, boasting massive, fully double blooms in a range of captivating colors, from soft blush to deep, velvety red. Each bloom is a masterpiece of nature, showcasing layer upon layer of delicate petals that unfurl to reveal a heart of golden stamens.
  • A Statement Piece: The impressive size and luxurious fullness of the Peony Victoria blooms command attention, making this arrangement a guaranteed conversation starter.
  • Exquisite Fragrance: Peonies are known for their delightful scent, filling the room with a sweet and romantic aroma.
  • Elegantly Arranged: Our skilled florists meticulously arrange the Peony Victoria blooms, complemented by lush greenery and complementary seasonal flowers, to create a balanced and visually stunning composition.


The Peony Victoria arrangement is ideal for :

  • Making an unforgettable impression: Celebrate a momentous occasion such as an anniversary, promotion, or grand opening with a statement piece that exudes luxury and grandeur.
  • Expressing Deepest Emotions: The Peony Victoria symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, making it a thoughtful gift to convey your heartfelt congratulations or well wishes.
  • A Luxurious Gift for the Discerning Recipient: For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Peony Victoria arrangement is a gift that is sure to impress.
  • Transforming any Space: This centerpiece instantly elevates the ambiance of any room, adding a touch of opulence and regal flair.


At Plaza Hollandi, we use only the freshest, highest-quality Peony Victoria blooms to create this exquisite arrangement. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each arrangement is a true masterpiece.

Due to the seasonal nature of Peony Victoria blooms, availability may vary. However, at Plaza Hollandi, we are committed to offering the finest floral arrangements possible. Our design team will work tirelessly to create a luxurious and unforgettable arrangement using the freshest seasonal blooms available, if Peony Victoria is not in season.

Order your Peony Victoria arrangement today and let Plaza Hollandi help you express your emotions or celebrate in a way that befits royalty!


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