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A Bolsius Pillar Candle with Orange Flowers

QAR 350 / ٣٥٠ ر.ق

A beautiful Bolsius pillar candle surrounded by orange, green and yellow flowers.

Plaza Hollandi brings you a touch of sunshine and joy with the Bolsius Pillar Candle with Orange Flowers. This vibrant arrangement combines the warm glow of a Bolsius pillar candle with a delightful selection of orange flowers, creating an energizing and visually striking centerpiece that’s perfect for brightening any space.

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A Burst of Sunshine : Bolsius Pillar Candle with Orange Flowers

A beautiful Bolsius pillar candle surrounded by orange, green and yellow flowers. Bolsius candles are known for their slow and equal burn. Available to use indoors or outdoors, these beautiful candles paired with our fresh seasonal flowers are perfect for any occasion. Add to your home to create ambience and design or send to a loved one as a gift for them to enjoy. Bolsius candles with Plaza Hollandi’s fresh flowers are to be enjoyed.

For this candle design, we have surrounded the Bolsius pillar candle with celosia, calla lily, roses, hypericum, cymbidium orchids and mixed foliage. A beautiful classical design that is perfect for any occasion. Order online before 5 pm for delivery.

For more information about Bolsius candles please look at their website.


Warmth and Cheerful Energy :

  • Invigorating Glow: The Bolsius pillar candle casts a warm and inviting light, filling your space with a sense of comfort and ambiance. Choose from a variety of delightful fragrances to set the mood, whether it’s calming lavender or invigorating citrus, Plaza Hollandi has a scent to match your preference.
  • Sunny Disposition: The vibrant orange flowers add a burst of sunshine to your surroundings. Their cheerful color evokes feelings of joy, optimism, and creativity, making this arrangement a perfect pick-me-up or a way to add a touch of vibrancy to your décor.
  • A Touch of the Tropics: The orange flowers and warm candlelight create a tropical ambiance that instantly transports you to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.


More than just a centerpiece :

  • Sets the Mood: Whether you’re seeking a calming atmosphere for an evening unwind or an energetic ambiance for a gathering, this arrangement allows you to create the perfect mood with the combination of flickering candlelight and the cheerful energy of the orange flowers.
  • Versatile Appeal: This delightful combination is perfect for any occasion. Surprise a friend with a cheery gift, add a touch of sunshine to your home office, or create a vibrant centerpiece for a summer party.
  • Long-lasting Enjoyment: The Bolsius pillar candle offers hours of warm light and fragrance, while the fresh orange flowers will bring a touch of sunshine to your space for days.


Embrace the joyful energy of summer with Plaza Hollandi’s Bolsius Pillar Candle with Orange Flowers.

Order yours today and illuminate your surroundings with warmth, fragrance, and a touch of sunshine!


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