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Ship of Roses Delight

QAR 485 / ٤٨٥ ر.ق

Set sail on a sea of love with this charming boat-shaped vase overflowing with vibrant blooms. It’s a whimsical and romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart.

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Set Sail on a Sea of Love : Ship of Roses Delight

In our exquisite arrangement, the timeless allure of red roses mingles with lush green foliage, cradled in a wooden vase reminiscent of a ship’s sleek silhouette. Paired with luxury chocolates, it’s a voyage of indulgence and romance, sailing through the seas of affection and delight.

Embark on a romantic journey with Plaza Hollandi’s Ship of Roses Delight. This enchanting arrangement sets sail on a bed of lush greenery, overflowing with a captivating selection of roses – the quintessential flower of love.


A Love Story in Every Bloom:

  • Classic Beauty, Modern Design: Imagine a captivating arrangement where an abundance of roses, in various colors and varieties, is presented in a sleek and modern container. It’s a perfect blend of timeless romance and contemporary chic.
  • Symbol of Devotion: Roses have long been associated with love and passion. The Ship of Roses Delight allows you to express your deep affection and unwavering devotion in a truly unforgettable way.
  • A Gift Full of Meaning: Every element of this arrangement is meticulously chosen to convey your message of love. The abundance of roses signifies the vastness of your affection, while the ship symbolizes embarking on a journey together.


More than just a bouquet:

  • Varieties for Every Love Story: Choose from a classic selection of red roses for passionate love, delicate pink roses for budding affection, or a vibrant mix for a celebration of enduring love.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Plaza Hollandi uses only the freshest roses and ensures proper care to guarantee a beautiful display that brings joy for days.
  • Effortless Gifting: Our website allows for easy online ordering and swift delivery, ensuring your Ship of Roses Delight arrives fresh and radiant, ready to set sail on a wave of romance.


Make your love story unforgettable with Plaza Hollandi’s Ship of Roses Delight.

Order yours today and set sail on a sea of love!


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