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Lovely Flowers with Perfume & OUD Amber

QAR 1,050 / ١,٠٥٠ ر.ق

A beautiful gift design. A gift box of our Pretty Peach Perfume, coupled with OUD Amber and a long-lasting cream rose.  A really special long-lasting gift to send to your loved ones.

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The Ultimate Indulgence : Lovely Flowers with Perfume & Oud Amber

A beautiful gift basket design, perfect for Eid, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just to show someone how much you care.  A gift box of our Pretty Peach Perfume, coupled with OUD Amber and a long-lasting cream rose.  A really special long-lasting gift to send to your loved ones.

Our Pretty Peach Perfume is a wonderful fresh Spring/Summertime fragrance.  This perfume is a highly concentrated heavenly heady scent with touches of bergamot, saffron and tea rose. Bonded together with a touch of ambergris and musk. The long-lasting fragrance, displayed in a black gift box, is a perfect Spring/Summertime scent and would make a wonderful addition to any perfume collection. Included in the gift box are 12mg of OUD amber and a cream long-lasting rose. (Concentration 30%).

Surprise your loved ones with a luxurious and unforgettable gift experience with Lovely Flowers with Perfume & Oud Amber from Plaza Hollandi. This exquisite combination offers a truly immersive and captivating indulgence for the senses.


A Symphony of Fragrance and Beauty:

  • Blooming Elegance: Our expert florists will design a stunning arrangement of lovely flowers, tailored to your preference. Imagine soft peonies and roses for a romantic gesture, vibrant lilies and orchids for a celebratory occasion, or a captivating mix of seasonal blooms for a touch of timeless beauty.
  • The Allure of Perfume: Complement the floral arrangement with a captivating designer perfume, each offering a unique and unforgettable fragrance. Choose from a curated selection to match the personality of the recipient – a light and floral scent for a touch of springtime freshness, or a warm and musky aroma for an air of pure luxury.
  • The Enigmatic Oud Amber: Elevate the experience even further with the inclusion of Oud Amber. This precious and exotic fragrance oil, known for its deep, woody scent with hints of spice and sweetness, adds an air of mystery and sophistication to the overall experience.


More Than Just a Gift, a Multifaceted Indulgence:

  • A Journey for the Senses: This exquisite combination transcends a simple gift. It’s a captivating journey for the senses, where the visual beauty of the flowers mingles with the alluring fragrance of the perfume and the enigmatic depth of Oud Amber.
  • A Gift for Every Occasion: Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion with a gift that is both luxurious and thoughtful. The Lovely Flowers with Perfume & Oud Amber is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.


More Than a Gift, a Lasting Treasure

Lovely Flowers with Perfume & Oud Amber from Plaza Hollandi transcends a simple offering. It’s a luxurious expression of love and appreciation, a multisensory experience that lingers in the memory, and a treasured gift that speaks volumes.

Order yours today and create an unforgettable moment for someone special.


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