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Garden Shrubs for Every Season

Discover the heart of your garden with Plaza Hollandi’s selection of flowering shrubs

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Shrubs at our Garden centre

Plaza Hollandi Garden Center is proud of its reputation as Doha’s number one place to shop for shrubs and accessories for your garden. With our extensive range of flowering and nonflowering shrubs imported from all over the world, you will be able to find the right plants to suit every space.

The Plaza Hollandi Garden Centre is a calm green oasis, located off Salwa Road, near Wholesale market street. Wander through our collection, taking in the fresh air, scents, vibrant colours and natural beauty. We have a vast selection of shrubs to choose from for every different area in your garden.

To ensure proper maintenance of shrubs in your residential or commercial area, our plants department offers a wide range of outdoor maintenance services.

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Flowering Shrubs for Your Garden

We believe that shrubs are the heart of any garden. Adding shrubs is a great way to ensure you have colour, texture, and variety all year round. Shrubs are easy to grow and there are many that are perfect for the Qatar climate and enjoy the full sun all year round. 

Do you need help to decide which shrubs to have in your garden or when to plant them? Our professional landscape designer can provide custom-made designs, taking into account all your needs. Our best-selling shrubs for Qatar, that can be planted or potted, include Ehretia, Bougainvillea, Jatropha, Hibiscus, and Acalypha. 

Weather Wearing Shrubs

Shrubs are a fantastic way to keep fresh colors bursting in your garden no matter the temperature. The majority of shrubs enjoy well-drained soil and good sunlight.  Making the naturally sandy soil in Qatar perfect for these plants. 

Some shrubs prefer full sun, withstanding Qatar’s summer, and others thrive in shaded areas. Our professionally trained experts are available to recommend the most suitable shrubs for your outdoor space. Choose from an evergreen shrub or a beautifully scented flowering shrub. Shrubs can add so much to your garden.  Plant in zones to separate areas or dot your shrubs throughout the garden. However, you envisage your garden to look, shrubs will definitely feature. 

Shrubs For All Gardens

Shrubs are perfect for all seasons, from spring through to fall.  They provide great structure in your garden. Choose from beautiful bright bougainvillea shrubs that will create a burst of colour in your garden or ehretia shrubs that can be trimmed into any design.  From footballs to love hearts, ehretia shrubs can create an artistic design in your garden. Pruned to any design, our staff in our plant nursery can make any design you want, just ask! 


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