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What’s hot and what’s not for 2023. Be in the know with our flower predictions for the latest flower trends for 2023!

Flower Trends for 2023

Trending colours

2022 saw an increase in dusky tones and neutral colours. Floral designs with natural structures and simplistic beauty. The 2023 floral trend is predicted to be a long way away from the neutral tones of last year. This year’s main flower trend is all about pink! Hot pink, bright pink in fact the brighter and bolder the better. PINK is the colour trend of 2023! 

There is simply nothing lovelier than giving and receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s a huge bouquet of roses or a mixed bouquet of scented flowers; they bring so much joy whatever the occasion.

Last year’s flower trend consisted of dusty tones and natural designs. This year’s floral trend couldn’t be more of a contrast. 2023 will see the rise of the colour PINK! Hot pink, magenta pink, dusky pink or vibrant pink. Pink is the new 2023 flower trend to look out for. 

Valentino has been championing hot pink in their recent fashion collections. Whilst the trend experts WGSN announced that their colour of the year would be a magenta pink shade which they called ‘orchid flower’. To complete the pointers towards pink the new Barbie film staring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is also set to hit our screens any moment. This film is filled with everything pink. Pink flowers, pink cars, pink clothes and even pink hair!

Barbiecore, (all things Barbie!) is taking hold over the fashion, design and floral world. Inevitably when a new trend happens in the fashion world you see a knock-on effect throughout all areas of design.  Pink was a big part of the fashion scene in 2022, but in 2023 it will go further. Barbiecore is everywhere right now, from fashion to table decor and we think this trend is here to stay. So it’s no surprise that the fabulous hot hues will become a big feature in this year’s floral colour choice.  

Other Flower Trend Predictions for 2023

White and green floral designs have been some of our customer’s most popular choices for 2022. A classic and sophisticated choice which suits all occasions and interiors. A rise in bridal bouquets in simple green and white has also led to this being our most popular choice for our brides. 

It is highly expected that King Charles’ coronation this year will be filled with white and green blooms with a touch of Lily of the Valley – His late mothers favourite flower. 

Finally greenery bouquets filled with different foliage are also predicted to be a strong design choice for 2023. Filled with hues of green this style of design is favoured by the budget conscious who have a strong sense of style. Using long lasting foliage is a great way to make impactful designs without blowing your budget. From bridal bouquets to long table scapes, foliage designs are a great choice. 

Trending Design

2022 definitely saw an increase in the desire for natural European Style flowers. Beautiful floral designs made to replicate a work of art. Each flower is perfectly placed to guide your eye through the arrangement and to show its own beauty. Made to replicate nature, this floral trend often appears wild and uncultivated and not manufactured or artificial.

As in nature, different shapes are combined, textures and colours that are in balance with each other and not forced. Similarly, with the indoor plants, the ethos is to bring the outdoors inside. The inspiration for these designs comes from more than just the humble flower. It comes from the world around us, art, interiors, fashion and beautiful natural gardens. Understanding these principles and applying them to our floral designs makes them stand out from the rest. We believe this trend will go from strength to strength. 

Our Most Popular Flowers for 2023

Best Selling Flowers

Most popular colour trends

  • Pink
  • White
  • Green
  • Lavender Purple
  • Yellow

Plant Trends for 2023

We must not forget about the ever-popular plants. Increasing in popularity year after year indoor plants are found in every home, office and restaurant.  we have noticed that new and exciting companies opening in Qatar are keen to bring the outside in! Green walls, indoor plant partitions and simple pot plants on the table. All ways to make your customers feel welcome and to make the ambience natural in your business. 

This year’s plant trend is expected to continue to be focused on their ability to air purify. From bold Boston ferns to snake plants, air-purifying plants are here to stay.

Other great options include succulents mixed in a beautiful pot or peace lilies. All available from our garden centre.  

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