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Rose amor preserved rose

Sometimes you just want your flowers to last a little longer.  We have all been there.  The moment when your flowers need to be replaced and you just don’t want to because you have enjoyed them so much.  Well, preserved roses may just be the answer to this!

Amazing Preserved Flowers

A Preserved Rose for all Occasions

Long lasting roses, or preserved roses are an ingenious creation.  A real rose that has been preserved so that it will last the test of time.  A beautiful flower, that you can keep for years to come that does not need water or the stem cutting to keep it fresh. 

Having studied the market of preserved roses, Plaza Hollandi is sure we have the highest quality of preserved roses available in Qatar.  Rose Amor long-lasting roses are the highest quality preserved roses you can get. A real rose that has been preserved to radiate the natural beauty of a natural flower.

What are preserved roses?

Hand cut at the peak of their beauty these 100% real roses are preserved using natural non-toxic or polluting techniques.  Their water is replaced with a natural oil ensuring that the rose holds its unique beauty without water.  Allowing you to enjoy the preserved rose for months to come. 

Requiring no aftercare, the long-lasting roses are a gift that will enable you to remember that special occasion for years to come. A special memory that will last for you to enjoy.

Our vast collection of colours and designs ensures that there is something for every occasion.  Looking for something perfect for a birthday, new baby, Mother’s Day or for that special someone? Our Rose Amor roses are the ideal long-lasting luxury gift. 

Available in a display box on their own, in combination with our long-lasting perfume or put together in a specially designed glass vase by our expert florists. The Rose Amor long-lasting rose is the ultimate luxurious gift.  

How to care for your preserved roses?

We often get asked ‘how do I look after my preserved roses?’ Well, the great thing is there is not much you need to do.  If covered, say with a glass dome or plastic covering, preserved roses will last the longest. As no elements are able to damage the roses.  But it is still important for the preserved roses not to be in direct sunlight.  If your preserved rose is not covered then it is important for you to make sure that it is not placed under a direct draft where the elements can damage them. 

But all in all preserved roses need no water, you do not need to clean them and you should only touch them if really necessary. 

If cared for correctly preserved roses can last for up to a year. 

Other names for preserved roses

Preserved roses go by many other names. If you hear people talking about roses that last a year, eternal roses, one-year rose, eternal flowers, infinity roses, infinity flowers, flowers that last forever, boxed roses, or roses in a box, they’re most likely talking about real roses that have been preserved.

Do preserved roses smell?

One of the common questions we get asked is ‘Do preserved roses smell?’ The simple answer to this is NO. Our all-natural preserving solution leaves no lingering odours. Also, unlike some other preserved flower companies, we do not infuse or spray our flowers with artificial rose fragrances that may trigger allergies and could lead to the breakdown of the natural rose petals. 

Preserved roses and so much more!

Whilst we love a long-lasting rose, sometimes it is nice to put these beautiful roses with other luxurious gifts. At Plaza Hollandi we have coupled these beautiful roses with our Qatari developed perfume. This luxurious collection of gifts is the perfect present to send to your loved ones for any occasion. 

Amazing colours of preserved roses

For the long anticipated FIFA World Cup, being held in Qatar in November 2022 we are excited to say we have Rose Amor preserved roses in a variety of flag colours! From USA to Spain and Qatar to England! We have a vast array of preserved roses that resemble the colours of the different countries that have qualified for the World Cup. 

Can you also get other preserved flowers?

Yes, you can. As the preserved rose market is growing so is the preserved flower market. Everything from roses through to eucalyptus and sunflowers are now available as a none toxic alternative to display in your home, office or business.  Lasting longer than the traditional fresh flower and foliage variety, these preserved flowers are growing in popularity. 

What is the difference between preserved roses and dried flowers?

They are two completely different products. Dried flowers have been dehydrated and will turn brown and brittle over time. They become damaged easily when knocked r bumped. Preserved flowers will remain soft, and supple all year. Their colour will also stay vibrant!

Preserved roses for all occasions

Recent studies have shown that preserved roses are one of the most popular gifts to give someone for their home, birthday, Valentine’s, or the birth of a new baby. This is because they can be enjoyed for years to come. Every flower is unique, whether you choose them for the colour, rose design or rose size. They need zero maintenance and are suitable for any space in your home, office or business. And they are more environmentally friendly than just a bouquet of flowers. 

So what are you waiting for? Order you or special someone, a preserved rose arrangement today in our shops or online and we will deliver it. 

Preserved Roses for All Occasions

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