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Football Is HERE!

Football in Qatar

Its been a long time coming! In 2010 Qatar won the bid for the World Cup. The first World Cup to be held in an Arab country and the first to be held in the winter season. 

Immediately after Qatar won the rights to hold the football tournament the preparations began. Incredible infrastructure has been created, and new state-of-the-art stadiums not to mention the boom in businesses, hotels and museums.

Qatar has grown into an incredible country that is ready to host this momentous occasion.

What to do in Qatar when the football is on

There are so many exciting events to choose from when visiting Qatar for the football.  You can enjoy the world’s famous musicians performing for fans, enjoy the anticipation in the  Fan Zones or simply enjoy the festivities in the pedestrianised Corniche.  There is so much going on from the beginning of November until the end of the year that you are spoilt for choice. 

For up-to-date information about what is planned here are the best sites to check out;

  • ILoveQatar. – For the most up-to-date news and information about everything Qatar.
  • – for the latest news on the incredible musician coming to Qatar. You can also buy tickets here. 
  • Time Out Doha – Perfect for the latest news and events. Everything from food, to concerts and more.
  • Visit Qatar – If you are just visiting Qatar for the football this is the place for you. It will give you all the information you need to make sure you see everything Qatar has to offer. 

How to watch the football

Whether you are a fan of football or not, the tournament in Qatar is available for all to watch. In-person, with your ticket at the stadium, in the fan zone on the huge screens or in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family surrounded by flowers and plants!

There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy this incredible football event!

How to Celebrate the Football

There will be a lot to celebrate whilst the football is on.  We have put together a list of all our favourite ideas if you are celebrating at home;

  • Decorate your home with flags and bunting to show your support for your team. 
  • Create a snack table filled with delicious food from the country you are supporting. For example ENGLAND – Fish & Chips, SPAIN – Paella etc.
  • Add fresh flowers to your decorations. Our talented florists can make your national flag from flowers or if you want something a little smaller buy roses in the national colours to fill your vases. 
  • Ask all of your guests to dress up in the national colours or better still the national dress. 
  • Create a delicious drink in the team colour
  • Play a game of trivia testing your guests on their football knowledge
  • Display the match on a projector for an incredible experience

Flowers & Plants at the Football

We can’t leave without mentioning the amazing flowers and plants that will also feature in the football tournament.

Hundreds of thousands of trees have been used to beautify the stadiums, the surrounding roads and Qatar in general.  Inside the stadiums are stunning palms and native trees to create a wonderful ambience. 

In each stadium, there are collections of fresh carefully selected flower arrangements, perfectly designed to increase your customer experience. Indoor plants have been added to the interior designs to create a natural ambience. 

Although flowers and plants may not be the star of the show they are certainly an integral part of the entire football tournament held in Qatar.

Qatar's Football Legacy

As we write this post the Tournament is yet to start. The anticipation is here and everyone is excited. Whether you have a ticket to the stadiums or you are watching at home. You can be sure that this football competition will be one to remember. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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Football is here!

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Football is here!

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