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Cactus Garden

How to create a Cactus Garden

All about Cactus Gardens

The cactus is well-known for its great endurance, it can withstand the test of time and elements of nature. If you are searching for a low-maintenance plant the cactus is a good option for you. Cacti come in various stunning shapes and colours and by combining different variants you can to create a gorgeous cactus garden.

The cacti is a well-adapted plant and can thrive almost anywhere, it can be planted in your garden for landscaping as well as in a pot. Making it an ideal plant for your garden, balcony as well as for indoors. Did you know some cactus plants are also air purifying and improve your indoor air quality?

Outdoor Cactus Garden

In Qatar’s climate having cacti in your garden is an excellent idea. Since there are many different types of cacti plants you can choose the ones that will fit your garden best. In a large garden you can plant big cactus giving a spectacularly beautiful & architectural effect.

Cactus - Big Garden Cactus Garden

If you like you can also create a desert inspired cactus landscape, with crushed sandy stones, coloured soil in warm colours and gravel to finish the look. A good cacti for the desert inspired landscape is the organ pipe.

Desert Garden with beach in the back ground

Cacti plants can also be planted throughout your garden amongst flowering perennials and small shrubs. The contrast against other flowers makes for an interesting and dynamic look.

Cactus flowering

Should you have a wall in your garden you can place numerous tall cacti in front of it. By creating a mix of species of cacti your garden will have a wilder and natural look. If you prefer a your garden to have a stylish and organised look & feel you can repeat the same cactus variety.

Wall Cactus

Cacti add great versatility to your garden especially if they are placed in pots throughout your garden. These cacti in containers can easily be moved and rearranged. Making it easy to change the feel and design of your garden without having to replant plants.  You can also combine multiple potted cacti to create a cactus container garden.

Cacti in rustic pot
Echinocactus Grusonii

When designing your landscape with cacti please remember that your cactus plants prefer a spot with many sunlight hours. The cactus bed should be 6 to 12 inches deep, so it can develop the roots properly. Good cactus soil has excellent water draining abilities to hold onto just enough moisture to nourish the plant when needed.

Plaza Hollandi Garden centre with cactus and cycas
Plaza Hollandi Garden Centre

Indoor Cactus Garden

The cactus plant is a well-adapted plant that can thrive almost anywhere including indoors. Because a cactus prefers sunlight, it is recommended to create your cactus garden in a bright sunny spot, such as by the window. A beautiful option would be to make a collection of various small mini cacti, each in their own pot. Perfect for your windowsill or the counter in the kitchen.

Mini cactus garden

If you have space combine different sizes of cacti. With terracotta pots you create a diverse natural look, by selecting white or coloured pots you are creating a modern look.  These houseplants are a great way to highlight an area in your house, such as the corner of a room or at the bottom of your stairs, by placing a larger cactus to attract attention.

Indoor cactus garden

Or create the whole cactus garden in one container or bowl. Combine different kind of cacti and create your own mini garden that is both stunning as easy to move around. During the winter you could place the cactus garden inside to brighten up the room, while during the summer it could be used as outdoor table decoration

How to take care of your cactus

Cacti are undemanding and can thrive almost anywhere. Their native is the desert. The desert has a dry and harsh climate, irregular supply of water and high temperatures. Over the years, the cactus has learned to adapt and create a high resilience.

However if you take good care of your cacti it will thrive, grow and maybe even flower (depending on the species), resulting in a more beautiful cactus garden. For best results mimic its native desert conditions, including the different seasons. During the colder winter months it is preferable to place your plants somewhere dry and in the cool. During this period we recommend you water to a minimum. During spring and summer, they prefers to have more light.  Place your cacti in a brighter place indoors or place it outside. During this period, we recommend watering once a week. With this care routine and a bit of luck you can enjoy your cactus garden for many years.

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