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Monstera leaves

What do we know about
Monstera Plants?

Native to the rainforest of Central America, the big bold and beautiful Monstera plant is a favourite for all indoor plant enthusiasts. An easy-to-grow evergreen houseplant that can be found in many interior design spaces giving the WOW factor. 

Outdoor Monstera can ramble throughout the rainforest and with ideal conditions can grow to around 70 feet tall! Inside the Monstera plant grows much slower, growing between 1-2 feet per year, but with the right conditions it can be very happy as an indoor plant

The Monstera plant has a naturally glossy heart-shaped leaf that has delicate splits on it. You will also see intricate aerial roots that benefit the plant by supporting the plant as the leaves become larger and heavier. Planted outside in the right conditions and your Monstera plant may produce a beautiful cream flower that once pollinated by bees can produce a fruit with a taste similar to a banana and pineapple. 

The beautiful world of Monstera plants

Different kind of Monstera

Monstera plants come in many different beautiful shapes and sizes. It is thought that there are over 48 different varieties of Monstera plant each with their own unique leaf shape and colouring. The major types of Monstera that you may be familiar with are;

  • Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)
  • Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Vine)
  • Obliqua 
  • Siltepecana (Silver Monstera)
  • Pinnatipartita
  • Karstenianum (Monstera Peru)
  • Monstera Dubai
  • Monstera Esqueleto


Monstera plants are readily available in the market today. Monstera plants last a long time and are easy to look after which has made them a very popular choice for an indoor plant, with many people adding them to their office, home and place of work. What makes the Monstera plant special is the distinct leaf shape, with each variety famous for their own distinct shape. It can look like a product of modern art. Did you know that the most expensive plant in the world is a Monstera plant?

Variegated Monstera

Everybody already knows about the Monstera plant, but in the last two years the plant’s popularity has increased immensely and the variegated version has become a plant passion for many indoor plant enthusiasts.  A variegated Monstera plant, Monstera Adansonii Variegata recently sold on Instagram for $38,000. Making it the most expensive indoor plant in the world!

There are currently four different variegated varieties that you can get in a Monstera plant.

  • Monstera Albo Variegata
  • Monstera Aurea Variegata
  • Monstera Sport
  • Monstera Thai Constellation
Variegated Monstera

The most common variegated Monstera plant is the Monstera Albo Variegata. Currently owned by multiple growers in Belgium and Holland, this variety of Monstera is relatively easy to find. The plant on the other hand grows quite slowly so the price is usually quite high for a plant with only a few leaves. The white part of the leaf, the variegation, is a natural occurrence so it is not possible for growers to take tissue cultures from this plant to recreate this beautiful natural defect that is so converted. 

The Thai Monstera Constellation looks very similar to the Monstera Albo Variegata, but has many more small specs of white on the leaves. The Thai Constellation originates from Thailand, however, there are a few growers in Holland that produce it.  Due to the high demand for this Monstera variety Thailand is not able to keep up so it is also grown in the USA and Europe. But the price for this variety of plant is very high as it is not easy to grow and demand is high.

Monstera Aurea has a slightly different look to the other variegated varieties.  Instead of white variegation it has a gold colour, hence why it is called Aurea (gold in Latin). These plants are currently not produced by any growers.  The only way to get hold of one of these plants is from a cutting of an original from someone’s private collection. There have been some seeds grown of this variety but they rarely have the gold colouring when they germinate

Monstera Sport has a strange type of variegation that can only be seen in low light.  Often people think that this is a ‘problem’ with the plant. As with the Aurea this Monstera is only available through cuttings from existing collections.

Variegation is beautiful and converted in the plant world, but too much variegation, especially white markings and the plant will struggle to survive.  The plant needs the natural green to photosynthesize. The white part of the leaf does not contain chlorophyll, making it difficult to harvest the energy from the sunlight. Without the green part of the leaf the plant will not be able to continue to grow.

How to look after your Monstera plant

Part of the reason the Monstera plant has become so popular is because of how easy it is to look after.  It is not a fussy plant and requires only a small amount of tender loving care. The leaves on your plant should be kept clean from residue such as dust and water droplets.  This will encourage photosynthesis which in turn will keep your plant happy and healthy. Gently clean the leaves with a damp cloth moving the cloth from the stem outwards across the leaf to remove any residue. 


Monstera plants are naturally from humid environments and although outside Qatar is often humid it is difficult for our indoor environments to remain humid due to the air conditioning.  The easiest way to create humidity is to gently mist your Monstera plant with a fine mist spraying bottle, spraying the leaves and aerial roots once or twice a week will help to recreate the humidity that the plant loves.

Monstera plants like light but in Qatar direct light is too much for them so keep your monstera plant in indirect sunlight, by this we mean in the bright light but not directly in the sun. An ideal position for your monstera to encourage growth would be in a place that has consistent light. 

To ensure your Monstera plants remain healthy simply add some fertiliser to it once a month.  This will encourage new leaves to form. We have fertiliser available at our garden centre. Simply add a little fertilser to your water once a month and this will encourage your plant to stay healthy for longer. 

If looked after correctly, Monstera plants will last many years. They are beautiful with their stunning unusual leaves whether they have variegation or not.


So have we convinced you? Will you be adding a beautiful Monstera plant to your indoor plant collection? To find out more about how to look after your indoor plants take a look at our great blog post. Or if tropical gardens are your inspiration, see the most beautiful outdoor tropical garden in Qatar!

The Beauty of Monstera Plants

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