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An Ultimate Guide to Landscaping for Beginners

Landscaping - A beginners guide

Have you ever wished for a beautifully landscaped garden? Deciding to create a landscaped garden can feel like a big undertaking, but did you know that updating your garden can increase the value of your property, ultimately adding value to your home! Designing and creating your own landscaped garden is the perfect way to make sure you are involved in making your own beautiful outdoor space. So what are you waiting for?

landscape design garden with shrubs

Everything about landscaping

Landscape design enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor area. Landscaping an area involves manipulating the space that you have to suit the need that you have for the outdoor space. There are several simple steps everyone needs to take before embarking on a new landscape design project.  Firstly you need to think about how you would want your garden design to look.  What sort of garden do you like and what do you want to use it for? You can choose from a leisurely garden with a shaded patio area for sitting and relaxing with your friends and family. Or if you have small children maybe you need a safe enclosed landscaped garden design with beautiful evergreen hedges and a large grass area for them to play. However you want your garden to be, your dream landscape design is possible once you have worked out your budget, design, and also studied the area that you are landscaping. 

Where to start landscaping?

Where do you start with landscaping? Firstly you need to decide how you would like to use the outdoor space. All outdoor designs need to have a function, whether they will be used to relax or will need to serve a purpose.  Ultimately, how you use your garden will determine the design. So before you embark on this project you need to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Here are some tips on the things you need to consider before you begin your landscape design.

There are many ways you can incorporate plants and structures into your landscape design that will help to make your outdoor space work for you. From privacy areas made using tall shrubs to large green lawns for children to play on. Think about the primary purpose of your outdoor space. Will you use it to sit and relax or will it need to be a functional space? Once you work out what function the outdoor space will have you can move onto your budget.

You do not need to have a huge budget to make a beautiful outdoor landscape. But it is important to get to grips with how much you actually have to spend at the very beginning. Ultimately, your landscape design will be guided by your budget. Setting a realistic budget for your landscape project that includes everything; trees, plants, shrubs, groundwork, and labour will ensure there are no surprises.

landscape design paving

Next, you need to take a good look at the space you have. Take time to see what is there. What is already planted in the landscape, what structures are there, what the soil is like, and whether it gets the full sun, partial sun or shade? All of these elements will help you to understand what you have to work with from the beginning. 

Finally, you need to decide if you are able to do all of the landscape design and project on your own. Or if you will need help from some professionals. Simple measurements, planting and patios are easy for a beginner to do, but if your ambitions and budget are more elaborate you may need to call on a professional for help. 

Plan your landscaping budget

It is so important to work out the budget for your landscape design thoroughly before you begin. Break down the stages of the design and give each part a cost. If your budget is low then our advice would be to focus on plants and shrubs rather than costly building and landscape structure elements. If you are lucky enough to have a large budget then there may be some scope to budget in the help of landscape and garden professions to help you.

Employing a professional landscape designer can help the project to go smoothly, as they have lots of previous experience. When choosing your landscape designer ensure you look at their previous work. Ask questions about their experience and what they enjoy designing. If you are not able to work with a landscape designer for your garden some simple research can help you to find the best products for the best prices. As a general rule, spend 10% of your property value on your landscape design this will give you the best cost-to-value ratio.

Analyse landscape needs and wants

When you begin your landscape design, start by analysing your garden and what is already there, the soil type, how much sun the garden gets and, if there are foundations in place if you wanted to put any hard landscaping into the garden. If you decide to work with a landscape designer they will look at this for you and draw up plans following their analysis.

Armed with images found online and in magazines of your garden inspirations, you can show your landscape designer exactly what you envisage for your garden. It is then their responsibility to landscape your garden exactly how you want it by designing, constructing and planting the ideal garden for you to enjoy.

landscape design garden qatar

Determine the area for landscaping

Begin by measuring the area you would like to landscape design. Focus on the perimeter, but also take into account the structures that may stay. By measuring thoroughly you will be able to calculate exactly where the plants, paving, and structures can go in your landscape design. For larger projects, this will be something your landscape designer will do. They will conduct a full landscape analysis of the area, including measurement and soil analysis. Then a detailed design will be supplied which will include all the areas for landscaping.

Research pictures for inspiration

Inspiration for your landscape design can be found anywhere. Whether it is on Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, or from visiting gardens and local parks. Garden inspiration is all around us. There are so many online accounts that focus solely on landscape design and include inspirational pictures, briefings from designers, and finished images of garden designs.

Collecting your landscape design inspiration and keeping it in one place is important. Focus on different elements of your garden design from planting designs, plants to use, and landscaping design ideas. Creating a mood board is a great way to have your designs together. Which you can use to portray what you want to your landscape designer.

landscape design front yard

Types of landscaping

There are many different styles of gardens that you can choose for your landscape design. For a low-maintenance garden you could choose something simple that is easy to look after but will create an impact; such as a cacti garden.  For a more romantic landscape design, you could choose an English country garden style. Filled with perennials and annuals that are planted to give a natural floral look. A Mediterranean garden is full of colour, from bold blues in the soft furnishings to hot pinks from bougainvillea plants. If a Japanese-inspired garden is more your style add a mixture of grasses, bamboo, and Acer trees with rocks, ponds, and lanterns.  

When choosing your style of garden you need to think about the weather and how much water you have available. For example, in Qatar, it is difficult to grow an English country garden in the summer months because the temperature is so hot. But in the winter you can easily grow rose plants, cosmos, zinnia, petunias and sunflowers.  

Embarking on a new landscape design is an exciting process, but if you feel that you are overwhelmed by it feel free to contact our landscape designer for more information.

For more information about our landscape design service please contact Muayyad Qatato by email [email protected]  or telephone +(974) 3381 4809. For more plant inspiration please visit our garden centre or plant nursery.  Whatever unique design you would like our professional Landscape Design Team can provide any custom-made designs and planting schemes to make it happen. For more inspiration take a look at our blog on Landscape design ideas.

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