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Gardening Outdoor plants

Plants and flowers, a whole new world

Whether you love a rustic garden, Mediterranean garden or a cactus garden the joy of gardening and planting plants that flower is so rewarding. Part of the excitement of gardening is learning about new plants and flowers to add to your outdoor space. There is always space for new plants in your garden that are easy to grow. From beautiful sunflowers to highly scented jasmine, plants that have flowers add so much to our garden. There are easy plants with flowers that we can grow from seed and others that are better planted as an established plant.

Plants with flowers offer a chance to encourage wildlife, such as bees and butterflies into your garden as they are attracted to the colours and scent of the plants.  This encourages pollination, which will then encourage more plants and flowers to grow in your garden!

All the plants and flowers around you

Plants and flowers throughout the season

When the weather in Qatar becomes cooler all gardeners get excited about planting fruits and vegetables. This generally begins in the late summer when seeds are sown for propagation before they are planted outside.

In late summer you can start to sow melon plants, tomatoes plants, beans, pumpkin and zucchini plants. These will germinate to produce delicious fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy over the cooler winter months.

Make sure your garden has beautiful flowering plants for you to enjoy all winter. You can start sowing seeds directly into the soil in the late summer.  Zinnia, a beautiful flowering plant, comes in many different colours with gorgeous round daisy-like flowers. Creating an explosion of colour, Zinnia can continue to bloom into the summer as long as they are watered in the early mornings.

Sunflower seeds can be sown directly into pots and the garden. Try mixing varieties of sunflowers to add different heights and colours to your borders. One of our favourites is the teddy bear sunflower variety, it produces a beautiful unusual, frilly, bright yellow sunflower.  

Petunias are a very popular to plant in the late summer and you can continue to enjoy until the spring. They are easy to grow and produce vibrant coloured flowers that will brighten up any area in your garden that needs something extra.  Available in many colours, petunias can be planted straight into the ground or into pots on your patio.

One of the best flowering plants that you can add to your garden in the winter that will continue to bloom throughout the summer is Vinica.  Also known as Perriwinkle, these small delicate daisy style flowering plants come in many colours and require little to no maintenance.  Just give them a little water when the soil is dry.  Plant in the winter and enjoy well into next summer as they often self seed to produce new beautiful flowering plants.

For the summer Ixora, also known as jungle geranium, can easily grow both on the ground and in pots under full sunlight. It has small flowers clustered in a round formation and come in red, yellow, pink and orange flowering blooms.

Plants and flowers for your garden

Qatar is lucky to have a beautiful warm winter but the summer can be harsh for many plants. With a lack of natural water from rain and temperatures reaching 50 degrees plus, any plant that is in your garden in the summer season needs to be a sun lover. You may think that there are no plants with flowers that will be able to withstand this, but you would be wrong.  Here are a few of our favourite flowering plants that are easy to grow in your garden. 

Bougainvillea – Available in a beautiful collection of colours, from dark pink to white. Bougainvillea plants are the ultimate flowering plant to add to your garden, especially in Qatar. Bougainvillea do not like to be waterlogged so are perfect in a garden in Qatar. Plant in a pot or straight into your garden making sure it is up against a wall for stability. The Bougainvillea plant loves full sun and will reward you with beautiful colourful blooms. 

Yellow Trumpetbush – A stunning yellow flowering shrub that produces trumpet shaped bright yellow flowers in the shape of a funnel surrounded by emerald green foliage.  The trumpetbush is perfect to add a pop of colour into your garden especially in the late summer evening.  Easy to grow and as with the bougainvillea it is happy in the full summer sun.

Bottle Brush Shrub – This beautiful shrub gets its name by its unusual flower shape, that resembles a bottle cleaning brush. Native to Australia, the flowers on this plant are beautiful in structure and colour. It has colourful red flowers that contrast with the light green foliage. A beautiful plant that is easy to grow in your Qatar garden.   

Crassula – Also known as the Jade plant has a great tolerance for arid conditions and requires full sun to thrive. This little shrub plant produces beautiful delicate white flowers that have a sweet smell. Crassula can also be used inside as a houseplant and requires little water.  It is thought of as a lucky plant and has the nickname ‘money plant’.

If you are interested in edible plants to grow in your garden take a look at our blog about the best ones. 

Indoor and outdoor plants and flowers

So far we have mainly concentrated on plants that are easy to grow outside, but some plants can be used inside and outside. All plants are originally outdoor plants of course, but in general plants that we use indoors are usually a species that thrive in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Most indoor plants that grow well in this temperature range are tropical plants. For example, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Boston Fern and Monstera

Tropical plants enjoy warm temperatures and humidity, and they do not require constant sunlight. If you have ever travelled to Bali, Malaysia or Thailand you will find our favourite varieties of indoor plants growing naturally in the surroundings. 

Beautiful variegated cordyline lining the roads and the much converted calathea growing freely next to the fields. This is because the environment in East Asia is humid and warm, something that these plants love. With a little help from a water mister and our warm home we can recreate this in our home.

Some plants thrive both indoors and outdoors providing they are brought inside in the summer months, and when Qatar has a cold spell in December. Since many houseplants are tropical they actually grow very well outdoors in the humid weather. Being outside in your garden can help fight off pests and fungal diseases that would naturally affect the plants and flowers.

If you are planning to move your indoor plants outside, there are a few things to remember. Start by moving them into a shaded area, this will ensure they don’t get ‘burnt’ on their first day out. Keep an eye on the temperature at night. If it becomes too cool you may need to move your plants back in. Finally make sure your indoor plant has enough room in the pot to grow and that you have given it some fertiliser.  It will not be able to grow tall if there is no room for the roots. 

Whether you are planting outside in your garden or creating a wonderful indoor jungle there is so much to get from having plants and flowers in your life.

Outdoor plants help to create a beautiful space for you to sit and entertain, making your garden, whether it is big or small, a lovely place to be. Indoor plants help to purify the air in your home and can actually help to make you feel happier and healthier.

For inspiration on an indoor jungle that we loved creating visit Evergreen Organics in Gate Mall or Ipanema in The Marriot, City Centre.  Both have an incredible selection of indoor plants.  

We hope you enjoy your plants and flowers all year round, in your garden and in your home. 

plants and flowers tropical garden
A beautiful tropical jungle

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