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Indoor plants arranged in the house

If you are keen to bring some lush greenery into your home but don’t have much faith in your gardening skills, then low maintenance houseplants may just be the answer.

Low maintenance indoor plants are perfect for the Qatar. During the summer the residents of Qatar are forced to spend time at home due to the extreme heat.  What could be nicer than a beautiful green oasis inside your home of low maintenance houseplants?

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Houseplants to make your home green!

Bringing live plants into your home or office is a quick and affordable way to brighten up any space. Aside from looking beautiful, many houseplants also come with wellness benefits. They filter and humidify the air you breathe, making them especially appealing to the wellness-conscious indoor gardener.

But, even if you don’t identify yourself as having green fingers and are a little dubious about your abilities to keep plants alive, you can still successfully look after some houseplants with a little information and some tender loving care.  There are many houseplants that are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking tip-top. Not every houseplant needs you to have a magical green thumb and gardening expertise to grow happily inside your home. In fact, there are many houseplants that like to simply grow on their own without any fuss, and some that even thrive on being ignored.

The best low maintenance houseplants

What is the meaning of low maintenance houseplants? Low maintenance indoor plants are plants that adapt to their environment. This means that despite living in sometimes unfavourable conditions they still seem to grow beautifully.  For example, forgetting to water your plant for two weeks; some laid back plants actually prefer this and will adapt and grow despite this treatment.  Another example is plants that prefer low light conditions. These low maintenance houseplants also generally don’t require pruning or pinching. Aside from the occasional watering they prefer to be left to their own devices.  Even with very little care and attention, these lovely plants are sure to grow and love you regardless.

If you are keen to bring some lush greenery into your home but don’t have much faith in your gardening skills, then a low maintenance houseplant is for you. We have selected some of the best beginner low maintenance houseplants that will grow beautifully without much fuss. Giving you a huge sense of accomplishment!

Houseplants inside a living room

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera can be grown inside your home as a houseplant or outside in your garden.  It has many health benefits and healing sap. It is also the perfect beginner houseplant. This succulent requires little watering and will happily grow for years in the same container so you need not worry about having to transplant it as it grows. Aloe vera does prefer bright and indirect sunlight, making it the perfect plant to have in that sunny corner of the kitchen or even in the bathroom. Give it a deep watering every couple of weeks. Unassuming, but attractive, this houseplant has distinguished spears with flecks of light yellow set against warm green. Feel free to harvest small pieces of your established aloe plant for treating burns, moisturizing skin, healing minor cuts, hair masks and soothing skin irritation. Despite being a very low maintenance houseplant, is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

The Snake Plant is a pretty easy-to-grow houseplant that fits nicely in most spaces. Known as the most amazing air purifing plant this houseplant, with its long and sharp-pointed leaves and long-lasting life is perfect for almost any place in the house. Also going by the name ‘mother in laws tongue’, Snake plants are tolerant of low light and don’t need to be watered often at all. In fact, when grown indoors in the winter, expect to only water them a few times throughout the entire season. Perfect if you a busy persona and you tend to forget to water your plants. If you a person who overwaters, then perhaps the snake plant is not for you as this will lead to root rot. But in general, the snake plant is very much like a teenager, it likes to be left alone!

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

In our blog about how to look after plants, we mentioned that the peace lily is one of the plants that signal when they need water.  Left to its own, this plant will be happy until it needs a good drink. It will let you know this by hanging its leaves down (drooping). Once watered the peace lily houseplant will soon perk back up again devices.  Having said this, if you overwater a peace lily it will not mind, as it is generally found in the wild in wet boggy areas. 

Even without flowers, the deep green foliage of the peace lily is beautiful enough to enjoy in any room in your home. While the peace lily prefers warm and humid conditions, it can also be made perfectly comfortable in any room that is not drafty. So it will not like to be directly under the air conditioning either. 

close up of a peace lily

Pothos Plant

One of the easiest and most rewarding houseplant to grow is the Pothos plant. The Pothos plant has jungle-like vines that like to spill over the pot and tumble to the floor or climb along your bookcase. This plant looks spectacular hanging or set on top of a tall piece of furniture where they can happily grow and ramble until their heart’s content. The beautiful Pothos plant can grow up to 10 meters. Almost impossible to kill, Pothos plants like to dry out between watering’s, but if left dry for too long, the leaves will wilt. They are very tolerant of all types of light and will happily grow in most corners of the house.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, commonly known as the ZZ plant.  This houseplant is known to be indestructible.  This is often why you will see it in hotel foyers, office buildings and busy lobbies. This amazing houseplant will survive drought, low light and low humidity. Where no other houseplant can grow, the ZZ plant will be able to.  Beautiful dark glossy leaves that can grow up to 3 feet, with the right conditions.  The ZZ plant does not like too much of anything:- light, water or humidity so keep near an east or north-facing window and water the plant when you remember!

So there it is our selection of the 5 best low maintenace plants that even the most unlucky plant person can keep in their home. All of these houseplants can certainly handle a little neglect. Low maintenance is their ideal growing condition, making them the perfect houseplant for even the most beginner home gardeners. All of these houseplants would also make a wonderful gift to someone celebrating a birthday or as a welcome home gift. 

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