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10 Stunning Green Balcony Designs

Transform your balcony into a green, floral oasis. Even if you don’t have a garden you can surround yourself with beautiful plants and colourful flowers. Decorating your balcony will bring charm to your outdoor area and create a beautiful place to entertain in style and unwind. Plants and flowers are the ideal outdoor decoration for your green balcony. But before you just start buying all your favourite flowers, plants and decoration, start by deciding the style of your green balcony.

The trick of balcony garden design is to create enough diversity to be interesting without looking cluttered or chaotic. It helps to choose one or two colours and keep all of your flowers and accessories in that colour family. For example a vibrant colour scheme such as red and yellow, a cool pallet such as purple and white, or contrasting colours such as blue and orange. You can also create cohesion by using products that are all in the same design style. In case you are in need of some inspiration, we have collected our favourite Green Garden Balcony designs.

10 Green Balcony Designs

Natural Garden Balcony

Create a natural green balcony with a garden feel by using different kind of green plants and combining this with accessories and furniture made out of natural materials. Within this theme you also can easily create more privacy by choosing more plants and flowers and creating a green wall.

Colourful Floral Balcony

Create a colourful balcony by choosing different colours of plants and flowers. Combine different plants and colours in the same pot for optimal result. For furniture you can both choose to go for patterned colourful pieces or to create a more balanced look with earth tone accessories.

Colourful Green Balcony

The Modern Balcony

A modern balcony is an amazing place to relax and unwind. Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to clean, crisp lines, a simple colour palette and the use of materials such as metal, glass and steel. Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element while also creating a luxurious feeling. There is not a lot of clutter or accessories required to create a modern style. To keep the space elegant and tidy, create the garden with raised planters with a matte look. Choose plants and flowers that have a sleek appearance and try to minimalise the amount of colours.

Modern Green Balcony

Sacred Oasis Balcony

Create a sacred space within your concrete garden, keeping things simple and stunningly unique. Make sure you choose dramatic plants and place them thoughtfully, making sure they are out of the way but leave their impact on the space.

Sacred Oasis Green Balcony

Minimalist Balcony

A minimalistic balcony garden has quite a lot in common with modern design. But with a minimalist balcony we further simplify the elements, while adding a more natural feeling. This balcony is a great addition to any modern apartment in which you would like to incorporate a few natural elements as well. The colour palette is neutral and airy and the furnishings simple and streamlined, add nothing that is excessive or flamboyant. If you have a smaller balcony, we recommend arranging the potted plants near the railing.

Minimalist Green Balcony

Comfy Cosy Balcony

If you would like to create the perfect spot for your morning coffee or place to read your book choose the comfy green balcony design. Use various types of plants and flowers to create a vibrant place. Use different colours and warm fabrics to create that extra comfortable feeling and place the plants as a wall around the balcony, securing the space’s privacy and creating a cosy ambiance.

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Luxurious Beige

If you would like to enhance the captivating charm of your plants and flowers then decorate your balcony in beige. This way you can choose for different species and colours of plants while keeping the overall look very luxurious and sleek. The soft beige tones will definitely make that green garden pop.

Beige Green Garden

Seaside Balcony – Hamptons Style

Create a relaxed and comfortable environment with the seaside style. Coastal design is inspired by the beachside towns and the ocean. Features of this design include light, airy colour palettes with cool neutral shades paired with blues and greens and furnishings are often white or beige. Blue and white striped patterned pillows, white plush sofas, and painted white wood are also common to see in the classic coastal style. Your balcony could feature elements of wood and accessories inspired by the sea. Add green plants to give the design a more natural feeling.

Coastal Green Balcony

Bohemian Balcony Design

Bohemian is a popular eclectic style for home design and fashion. It reflects a carefree lifestyle with little rules. With this laissez-faire attitude anything goes as long as you love it. For your Bohemian balcony you may include vintage furniture and light fixtures, items found on your travels, floor pillows and different inspired textiles from around the world such as rugs and throws.


A rustic design is drawn from natural inspiration. Nowadays rustic design is often integrated with more modern furnishings and accessories. In this style we use raw and often unfinished elements made of wood or stone. Soften up the look with ruffled flowers or keep it natural with a terracotta pot.

Advice on how to create your Green Balcony

Are you planning on designing or reorganising your balcony? At Plaza Hollandi we have years of experience and more then 200 professionally trained staff, all dedicated to give you your stunning green balcony. If you like to know more about how to bring outside space to life, do not hesitate to contact us.

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