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Large Multi-Coloured Bougainvillea Umbrella

QAR 7,500 / ٧,٥٠٠ ر.ق

A LARGE multi-colored bougainvillea plant will look stunning in your garden or the entrance of your home.

Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis with our stunning Large Multi-Coloured Bougainvillea Umbrella. This unique plant boasts a canopy of cascading blooms in a dazzling array of colors, including fuchsia, pink, orange, and white.


Bring a Burst of Color to Your Patio with a Large Multi-Coloured Bougainvillea Umbrella

Memories of sun, sea, and blue skies. This very LARGE multi-colored bougainvillea plant will look stunning in your garden or at the entrance of your home.

The bougainvillea umbrella plant enjoys full sun flowering bright beautiful colours. What many people think of as the blooms of bougainvillea are not actually blooming at all. The showy paper-like structures are a modified leaf called a bract.

This plant will arrive with a mixture of bougainvillea colours. Colours and amount of flowers may vary from the picture shown but all plants have the potential to flower as much as the picture shows.

This plant will come in a black plastic pot. The span of the umbrella is approx. 1mtr


This plant come from our Plant Nursery.


  • Show-stopping focal point: Create a dramatic focal point on your patio or terrace with this overflowing bougainvillea display. The vibrant blooms will be the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Long-lasting beauty: Bougainvillea is renowned for its resilience and extended flowering season. Enjoy a cascade of color throughout the summer and into fall.
  • Easy to maintain: This bougainvillea thrives in warm, sunny locations with well-draining soil. Follow our simple care guide to keep your plant flourishing.


Plaza Hollandi offers :

  • A healthy, mature bougainvillea plant with a well-established umbrella shape.
  • Detailed care instructions to ensure your plant thrives.
  • Optional: Upgrade your purchase to include a beautiful planter to complement your bougainvillea.


Bring a touch of the tropics to your outdoor space.

Order your Large Multi-Coloured Bougainvillea Umbrella from Plaza Hollandi today!


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