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Everlasting Amour

QAR 200 / ٢٠٠ ر.ق

Add a touch of romance to your space with our Red Preserved Roses. These everlasting beauties are perfect for expressing love that lasts.

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Everlasting Amour : A Symphony of Love at Plaza Hollandi

Transform your surroundings with the timeless allure of our Red Preserved Roses. Whether it’s a gesture of love or a stylish decor choice, these preserved blooms bring a lasting charm to any setting. Vibrant and elegant, they capture the essence of romance, making them an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or a delightful addition to your space. Elevate the ordinary with these enduring beauties that speak volumes in the language of love.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Everlasting Amour, a Plaza Hollandi collection designed to embody the multifaceted nature of love. This exquisite range of preserved roses, presented in stunning arrangements, offers a timeless expression of affection that transcends fleeting moments.


Points of Enduring Love :

  • A Symphony of Colors: Everlasting Amour celebrates love in all its forms. The collection features a captivating selection of preserved roses in a variety of colors, each symbolizing a unique aspect of love. Imagine a display of deep red roses representing passionate devotion, alongside soft pink blooms whispering of tenderness, and vibrant hues conveying the joy of a flourishing love story.
  • Beyond the Single Bloom: Everlasting Amour moves beyond the traditional single rose. Plaza Hollandi’s expert designers create stunning arrangements that showcase the captivating beauty of preserved roses. Choose from elegant boxes adorned with ribbons in romantic colors, or luxurious glass domes that create a fairytale-like atmosphere.
  • A Gift for Every Love Story: Whether you’re celebrating a momentous occasion or simply expressing your ongoing affection, Everlasting Amour offers the perfect token of love. It’s ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any moment you wish to rekindle the flame.
  • Lasting Beauty: Like all Plaza Hollandi Everlasting collections, the roses in Everlasting Amour are meticulously treated to retain their vibrant color and flawless form for years to come. This ensures your gift becomes a cherished reminder of your love that endures.
  • Personalize Your Expression: Plaza Hollandi allows you to personalize your Everlasting Amour gift, making it even more special. Delicate ribbons in complementary colors can be added for a touch of elegance, while heartfelt messages inscribed on personalized cards can express the depths of your feelings.


Everlasting Amour is more than just a collection of roses; it’s a celebration of love in all its beautiful forms.

Visit Plaza Hollandi and discover the perfect arrangement to capture the unique essence of your love story.

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