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Anniversaries fall on a day to remember. A day when something special happened and each year you celebrate it. This could be a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the day you met someone special or even a birthday. To help celebrate this special day we have put together a list of some of the best anniversary gifts.

Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas

An anniversary gift for all occasions

It goes without saying that the go-to anniversary gift is floral. Beautiful bouquets of flowers, or large luxurious arrangements with a sentimental card, are perfect to show your appreciation for an anniversary. Anniversary flowers are a simple and romantic gift. But did you know that for certain anniversaries specific flowers are used to signify the year? For example, for the first year of marriage, the flower is Carnation. A perfect choice to capture the strength and longevity of the marriage, as carnations are renowned to last much longer than your average rose. 

In these uncertain times, it can often be difficult to organise an event to celebrate your anniversary. Such as a dinner at your favourite restaurant or a luxury staycation at one of Doha’s beautiful hotels. Instead of relying on something that could change at any moment, to celebrate your anniversary, why not go with something that can be guaranteed. An anniversary gift that can be remembered.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered directly to your door. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. With so many options available, fresh flowers arranged in a bouquet or a beautiful vase are the perfect reliable choice. 

You could choose the same flowers as you had at your wedding. Or choose the perfect flowers that are in season for the month of a birthday anniversary. Or just celebrate with something beautiful and vibrant, flowers are always a good call. 

Romantic Anniversary gifts

Red roses are symbolic of a romantic gesture, so are often used for an anniversary gift.  Depending on the length of time the anniversary has been for you could also choose to have exactly the same amount of roses to signify each year. Or add chocolates along with your bouquet to take your anniversary gifts to another level. Adding something extra to your anniversary flowers can make a big impact. 

If you love spending time with your loved one and you want to do something special together, why not enjoy a luxury spa experience together. Imagine a wonderful afternoon being pampered together and enjoying all the facilities together. What could be nicer than enjoying fresh flowers for the weeks ahead and a beautiful luxurious spa experience

If celebrating out and about is not for you, or you can’t be with your loved one on their anniversary, why not choose to add internationally renowned chocolates to your bouquet.

Pierre Hermé’s chocolate and macaron creations bear the stamp of luxury at every stage of the process. From the rigorous selection of raw materials to the delicious sweet treats perfectly packaged. Hand-delivered to your loved ones for their anniversary this gift is sure to put a smile on their face. 

For long-lasting floral gifts why not think about a fragrance? A simple smell of fragrance can bring back the most vivid memories. From smelling freshly brewed coffee and remembering a breakfast you had together, to the scent of hyacinths that remind you of spring walks. Scent is a very powerful memory trigger. What could be nicer than creating a new memory with a new fragrance? 

Our collection of exclusive Flowers and Perfume are beautifully arranged to make any occasion special. Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift, valentines gesture, birthday anniversary gift or just something to show how much you care, flowers and perfume are a great combination. 

Long-Lasting Anniversary Gifts

Sometimes you want an anniversary gift that will last a long time. Plants are perfect for this. Long-lasting and generally easy to look after, a beautiful houseplant can have just the same effect when it is delivered as a bouquet of flowers. From Orchid plants to beautiful green air-purifying plants, there is so much to choose from in the plant world that we are sure you could find the perfect plant that suits your anniversary

Unusual Anniversary Gifts

If you want something a little unusual for your anniversary gift? We have put together a few different options. 

1, Spend a night under the stars at the regency sealine camp. A beautiful desert camp offering a blend of traditional Bedouin camping coupled with glamorous comfort. A truly romantic anniversary gift.

2, Treat your loved one to a trip to the gold souq. Full of amazing gold, silver and special gem designs you can be sure to wow them with a special something from the gold souq

3, If animals are your thing, why not visit the camel racing together. Situated just off the Duhkan Highway this unique experience is an adventure for anyone and a truly unique anniversary gift. 

4, Finally if adventure is what you love then why not skydive together for your anniversary. What better way to create a new memory that to fly through the Qatari Sky together. 

We hope we have given you some ideas for your anniversary gift. But if you need more inspiration contact us and we will put together something truly beautiful for you. Call or WhatsApp us on +974 3398 7658.

For tips and tricks on how to look after your anniversary flowers for longer take a look at our blog

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