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Qatar National Day

Qatar National Day History

Each year on 18th December Qatar’s residents come together to celebrate Qatar National Day, also known as Founders Day.  The holiday was officially introduced in 2007 and has since been celebrated annually to commemorate Qatar’s unification and independence. 

Qatar National Day has been instrumental in developing a sense of national identity among locals and expats. It has also helped improve knowledge and appreciation of Qatar’s heritage.  The day is enjoyed throughout Qatar with great excitement.  See our Qatar National Day flower arrangements.

people watching Qatar National Day parade

Spend Time with Family and Friends

A public holiday in Qatar, Qatar National Day is celebrated with may different activities and displays for everyone to enjoy.  Friends and families come together to watch the early parade along the Corniche, where a vast display of military personnel proudly represent their commitment and dedication to Qatar and it’s future. 

Following the parade a breathtaking air show swoops to the skies.  Paragliders leap out of military planes with parachutes in maroon and white to signify the Qatari flag and Maroon and white smoke is used to draw decorations in the sky.   

Family festivities take place in Katara and Darb Al Saai throughout the day and at the end of the day a magnificent display of  fireworks light up Qatar’s skyline.

fireworks over qatar

The Focus of the Celebrations

Each year the Qatar National Day committee choose a slogan to represent the focus of the celebrations.  The slogans are developed with Qatar history and Qatari youth in mind, highlighting their achievements and their focus in the furture.  Previous slogans have included ‘The path of excellence is difficult’ and ‘Ten years embraced glory and arts.’    

qatar national day parade with cars and qatari flag

Decorations for National Day

Qatari residents love to decorate their homes and cars for National Day.  Landcruiser’s and other 4×4’s are decorated with full body wraps of the Amir of Qatar, Qatar flag and Arabic slogans.  Vast Qatari flags and bunting is flown from homes and businesses.  Full outfits from abayas to skirts, T-shirts and even down to socks are worn all decorated in Qatar memorabilia.  Huge floral arrangements in maroon and white are made to decorate villas and palaces and large flags made from flowers line Qatar Malls.  There is no limit to the decorations for National Day.  

Car covered in flowers for national day

Qatar's Future

The future of Qatar and its residents is exciting.  Qatar has grown in strength and determination, especially since the blockade in 2017.  With fantastic architecture, infrastructure development and of course the impressive football stadiums for the much anticipated World Cup 2020, the Asian Games in 2030 – the future is exciting for Qatar and it’s strong leadership.  

Enjoy the festivities and come together to celebrate Qatar National Day. 

National Day in Qatar in 2023

Qatar National Day in 2023 is celebrated on December 18th.

Qatar air show

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