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Ramadan Activities

Fasting is the pillar of Islam, Ramadan is the month when all Muslims, of the right age and adequately healthy, must fast for the full month of Ramadan. However, fasting especially in the first week can be hard, so we have put together a few Ramadan activities that you can do to keep yourself busy and keep your mind clear this Ramadan.

Exciting Ramadan Activities

Things to do this Ramadan

Despite the physical constraints fasting puts on you, keeping a fast successful is really a mental challenge. Mentally preparing yourself for the month of Ramadan is the key to being able successfully fast for the full month. The first few days are always the most difficult, whilst your body gets used to the new routine. One of the best ways to fast with ease is by keeping yourself busy. It takes the focus off thinking about food, keeping your mind focused on the task at hand. Whilst some tasks can be tiring we hope we have put together a few Ramadan activities that you could do that would occupy your mind whilst also giving you pleasure through plants and flowers.

Indoor Plant Activities

Over the years and certainly through COVID, many of us have invested in indoor plants to brighten up our interior space. The popularity of houseplants has increased more than 300% in the last 3 years.  Everything from monstera plants to a succulent garden and much, much, more. But when was the last time you took a good look at your plants and checked if your plants are ‘happy’ and healthy? Ramadan is the perfect time to reflect on your plants and see what they need. Taking your mind away from thinking about your fast.

House plants have such an incredible effect on our mood, from decreasing stress to improving concentration and efficiency. Want to know more? Have on your mood see our blog.

How to care for your house plants

Growing houseplants is a brilliant way to not only beautify your home, but also purify the air around you.  To make things a little easier we have split our house plants into three different categories; Tropical plants, Succulent plants and Mediterranean plants. Generally each indoor plant will fall into one of those categories.  From this we can work out exactly how you can look after your plants.

Tropical plants, such as Orchids, Monstera, Bromeliad originally come from the tropics. With their exaggerated physical appearance, large-scale, glossy leaves or feathery fronds, many tropicals will naturally become statement houseplants. Originating from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, tropical plants grow in humid environments and are often subject to a lot of rainfall. With this in mind tropical plants like to have damp soil, but not water logged. They prefer medium light and enjoy a misting once a week to replicate their originating humid environment. 

plants maintenance for indoor plants

In contrast to tropical plants such as Orchid plants, succulent plants like dry soil.  They prefer their soil to be dry, watering every 10-15 days when the soil is completely dry.  A succulent plant really enjoys the sun, and would be perfectly happy basking in the sun all day. Succulent plants are easy to look after and a perfect starter plant.  Whilst you can not forget about them totally, if you are late to water a succulent it will not be the end of the world. These low maintenance plants need good drainage and a warm place to be. 

And finally, Mediterranean plants. Mediterranean plants, such as Olive trees, lavender, herbs need to be watered approximately every 5 days. Mediterranean plants do not like to dry out completely.  So by placing your index finger into the soil and feeling if there is any damp soil you will know if the plant needs to be watered.  Mediterranean house plants like to have indirect sunlight. They do not grow well in a dark position. 

Indoor Plant Maintenance

So now you have the information to work out if your plant is a tropical plant, Mediterranean or succulent plant you can begin your Ramadan Activities. Start by checking your indoor plants and making sure that they are in the right place, getting the correct amount of water and sunlight. 

How do you know if your plants need water? Simply insert your index finger into the soil and if you feel that your finger comes out dry then your plant needs some extra water.  Remember, no plant likes to be waterlogged, especially not a succulent. So make sure you don’t add too much water.  There are some other ways you can ensure your plants are not over-watered. Add a drainage tray to the bottom of your plant so that it can absorb the water as and when it needs it.  Make sure the soil in your pot is not too dense and has some sand to help with drainage.  

Make sure you feed your plants with plant fertiliser once a month. It is especially important to fertilise your plants after they have flowered or had a recent growth spurt. For example a new unfurling monstera leaf. This will give the plant the energy it needs to continue to grow and flourish. 

Finally, make sure you clean the leaves of excess dust and residue.  Plants breathe from their leaves.  We all know what it feels like when Qatar is dusty, your plants feel the same when their leaves are covered in dust. Ramadan is a perfect time to do this, take your time and nurture your plants one by one giving them a little care and attention.

Once you have been through all of your indoor plants you may find you have space for some more? Or think that your friends and family would also like to receive indoor plants.  We have plenty of indoor house plants to choose from available for delivery in Qatar.  Indoor plants are a great long-lasting gift to give to your loved ones as an Iftar gift or Suhoor gift. So if it is a peace lily for air purification or a hydrangea plant to brighten up someone’s day, you can easily order our good quality plants online with same-day delivery. For more information take a look at our indoor plants’ category. 

To all our customers we wish you Ramadan Kareem, and hope that these simple plant maintenance tips will encourage you to spend some of your precious time with your plants this Ramadan. In need of more Ramadan activities, why not take a look at our blog about the language of flowers to learn more about what message a single flower can portray. Also keep an eye on Qatar Living for more exciting Ramadan activities taking place in Doha. 

If indoor plant maintenance sounds too laborious for you, our professional maintenance staff are here to help. Contact (+974) 7448 9050 Or Email: [email protected]

cleaning the leaves of indoor plants
Exciting Ramadan Activities

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