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Where to buy plants in Doha, Qatar?

Ever wondered where to buy plants in Doha? We have all the information right here. Doha, the vibrant capital city of Qatar, is known for its modern skyline, rich culture, and a growing interest in gardening, greenification and horticulture. Whether you are an avid gardener or simply looking for some greenery for your living space, Doha offers several options for purchasing both indoor and outdoor plants. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best places to buy plants in Doha, including our own plant nursery and garden centre

Where can you buy plants in Doha?

Where to buy plants in Doha?

Where to buy indoor plants in Doha?

Living in Qatar, a country known for its desert landscape and scorching heat, might make you think that having indoor plants is unnecessary. However, incorporating greenery into your living space offers numerous benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Indoor plants not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also improve air quality, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being. But where do you buy indoor plants in Doha?

Plaza Hollandi garden centre has the largest selection of indoor plants available in Qatar. Nestled in street 404, just off Wholesale Market Street lies a beautiful green oasis in the desert. With weekly deliveries from Europe, Asia and Africa of A1 quality plants you can be sure our indoor plant collection is the best available in Qatar. 

Plaza Hollandi offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants, including exotic varieties, seasonal flowers, ornamental shrubs, and even trees. You can find everything from small potted plants to large statement pieces for your garden or balcony. The knowledgeable staff at Plaza Hollandi can provide expert advice on plant care and help you select the perfect plants for your needs.

Looking for a unique plant, such as a variegated monstera or red Aglaonema? No worries, just let us know and we can source it for you and have it delivered to our garden centre for you to collect. 

Where to buy plants in Doha?

Where to buy outdoor plants in Doha?

Looking to buy outdoor plants? Need to know the plant shop that is near you? Our beautiful plant nursery located 24 kilometres from Doha off the Shamal Highway, is the ideal place to walk around and hand-select the plants you need for your outdoor space. 

A vast space filled with unusual varieties of outdoor plants and beautiful specimens that we are all used to. From bold Bonsai Olive Trees to bright Bougainvillea and more, our plant nursery is the most beautiful space to spend time and plant your garden. 

At our nursery we cultivate and grow many of our own varieties of outdoor plants, meaning they are already acclimatised to their surrounding. This green oasis with delicate bird song is simply a wonderful place to visit if you are looking for outdoor plants. 

pruning a palm tree

Other places to buy plants in Qatar

Doha has several local nurseries that are worth exploring if you want to buy plants directly from the source. Nurseries like ours in Umm Salal or there is also Al Shamal, Desert Green Group, and the Municipality Nursery near the old airport offer a diverse range of plants suitable for different environments. These nurseries often specialize in local and regional plants that thrive in Qatar’s climate.

You can find a mix of indoor and outdoor plants, including palms, desert flora, and ornamental varieties. Visiting local nurseries not only allows you to purchase plants but also provides an opportunity to learn about the local flora and horticulture practices.

All of our shops also sell indoor plants in the malls spread throughout Qatar. From anthuriums to succulents there is lots to choose from. So if you do not live near any of these suggestions you can also visit our shops when you are next in the malls.

Buying plants online in Qatar

Since the lockdown, there are many online retailers where you can buy plants and flowers in Doha. Some offer delivery and others offer a buy-now service and then you can collect the plants from them. So if you can’t find a plant shop near you consider buying plants online with delivery. 

Plaza Hollandi’s online shop offers same-day delivery of plants and flowers in Doha. It is easy to use and you can be sure the plants that are delivered are pest free and in the best condition to be welcomed into their new homes. 

For fertilisers, potting soils and soil enhancers you can order online via Agricompost for an organic compost that will complement the growth of any indoor or outdoor plant. 

The ease of ordering online is perfect when you would like to send a gift to someone. For example a long-lasting plant for their birthday or a terrarium for Father’s Day. Simply choose what you would like and the delivery is taken care of.  

But for the full experience, we really feel strongly that you should visit our beautiful tropical garden centre or plant nursery. Soak up the beautiful surroundings and really see the indoor and outdoor plants before you bring them home with you. 

The benefits of adding plants to your home

There are so many benefits of adding indoor and outdoor plants to your home, business and office. 

Qatar’s hot and arid climate often leads to a lack of fresh air circulation indoors. Indoor plants act as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also help eliminate harmful toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene, which are commonly found in indoor environments due to household cleaners, paint, and furniture.

By introducing plants into your living space, you can significantly improve the air quality and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Indoor plants bring a touch of nature and vibrant greenery into your home, adding beauty and visual appeal to your living space.

From towering palms to delicate succulents, there is a wide variety of plants that can complement any interior design style. By choosing plants with different shapes, sizes, and textures, you can create a visually appealing indoor oasis that reflects your personal taste and enhances the overall ambience of your home.

Enjoy your indoor & outdoor plants

Doha is gradually transforming into a green haven, with a growing interest in indoor and outdoor plants. Plaza Hollandi, with its reputation for quality and variety, stands out as a prominent destination for plant enthusiasts. Additionally, the local nurseries provide unique experiences and opportunities to discover a wide range of plants.

For those who prefer online shopping take a look at our website for the best selection of plants available for delivery in Doha. Whatever your preference, Doha has ample options for finding and bringing home your favourite plants to create a lush oasis in your living space. Happy plant hunting!

Where to buy plants in Doha?

Need more information on where to buy plants in Doha?

For more information on plants available at our plant nursery please contact our plant nursery team. ☎ (+974) 7448 9050 ✆ (+974) 5559 8409 Email: [email protected]

For more information about our Garden Center, please contact our professional team ✆ (+974) 55218619 Email: [email protected]

Where to buy plants in Doha?

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Where to buy plants in Doha?

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