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There is nothing nicer than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it is a flower arrangement or a beautiful bouquet, flowers always make you happy!  Delivered directly to your door or given to you by a friend or family, fresh flowers are bound to make you smile. Knowing how to look after your flowers, and what your flowers need will enable you to enjoy your flowers for longer. In this blog post, we have put together the basic principles of how to look after your flowers when you receive them. Simple instructions that you can do at home to look after your flowers so they last longer. 

How to look after your flowers

Flower care for everyone

Many people are often disappointed with how long their flowers last once they bring them home. But with simple information about how to look after your flowers, you can be sure your flowers will last longer! It can be easy to forget that fresh flowers are still a living entity and therefore to encourage the flowers to last for as long as possible you need to treat them as such. Flower care is not complicated. In fact, once you know the main principles of looking after your flowers you will be surprised how easy it is, and what a huge difference it will make. 

The main steps of looking after your flowers

Refill the water frequently and change the water every  2/3 days.

Flowers drink a lot of water! It is not uncommon for a large flower arrangement to drink all of the water within 2 days. To ensure the flowers do not dry out you must keep the vase full of water. Enabling your flowers to have a constant water supply is the difference between a live flower arrangement and a dead one! By changing the water and cleaning the vase every 2/3 days you are removing any bacteria that may have formed in the water. Along with lack of water, bacteria is the most common cause of your flowers dying.  So by changing the water and supplying your flowers with fresh water every 2/3 days you are stopping the spread of bacteria from the water to the flowers.

If your arrangement is in oasis (a green foam), you can still feed it water. Simply pour the water directly onto the foam. You will see that the foam absorbs the water. The flower stems in the oasis will then receive the water directly from the oasis.

Cut half an inch from the flower stem when you receive them and when you change the water.

As soon as the flowers leave the flower shop and they are not in water the stem begins to seal. This is to stop any bacteria from entering the stem. So, if you just get home from the flower shop and put your flowers directly into water the bottom of the stem will already be sealed, and the flower will not be able to drink the water it needs. By cutting the stem at a 45-degree angle just before placing it in the water you are exposing fresh stem tissue that can suck up the water more effectively. 

Why a 45-degree angle? This will give the flower the largest surface area to drink from. It also stops the stem from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase, which would not allow it to absorb enough water. 

how to look after your flowers -utting the flower stem

Remove leaves, thorns or extra stems from the stem.

Part of flower care is removing anything on the stem that would be inside the water or the oasis. Therefore, it is important to remove leaves, thorns, or extra stems that would be immersed in the water. When there are extra things in the water it can become mouldy and cause bacteria. Which would cause your flowers to die quickly. A simple and effective way to care for your flowers.

Keep your flowers away from the air conditioning, direct sunlight and bright light.

Sometimes people think that fresh flowers should be in a sunny position since that is where a plant is happiest. However, cut flowers are actually the opposite of a potted plant. When cut they are at the peak of their perfection. Cut at exactly the right time to give you the most beautiful display. Sun and heat will encourage them to mature at a fast rate than normal, increasing their demise. Cold air conditioning blowing directly at the flowers will put the flowers into shock! Instead, follow this simple flower care of keeping your flowers away from direct sunlight in a cool spot, and they will last considerably longer.

Keep your flowers away from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ripening fruit releases an odourless gas called ethylene. This gas is harmless to humans but deadly to flowers. The gas encourages the flowers to mature faster, moving them through their life cycle to encourage pollination and the development of a seed. So when you sit your flowers next to your fruit bowl you are encouraging the flowers to mature and drop their petals as Mother Nature had intended. 

How to look after your vase

It is not all about your flowers, it is also important to know how to look after your vase and containers. Bacteria can build up in dirty vases.  So an important part of the process is to make sure your vases and containers are cleaned thoroughly before you put your flowers into them and when your change the water.

Wash your vase thoroughly when you change the water and when you throw your old flowers away.  It is an important part of flower care to clean your vase with warm soapy water, ensuring that all residue from the previous bouquet is not in the vase. So the next time you want to use your vase your flowers begin their time in your home in a clean fresh environment!

Once the vase is cleaned you then need to add the water and flower food.  Flower food helps the water to stay clean, stopping bacteria. So if you have some it is worth adding it to the vase with the water (always follow the instructions). 

In terms of water, there are some flowers that drink from their entire stem, such as roses, viburnum, hypericum etc. These flowers have a woody stem which enables the water to seep into the flower from the whole stem. Flowers such as tulips can be in a vase with only a small amount of water.  They have a soft stem and only drink from the end of the stem that has been cut.  But it is important to note that you will need to add water more frequently if you only add a small amount to the vase. 

how to look after your flowers in a vase

We hope these simple tips and tricks on how to look after your flowers. Following these simple steps on will ensure you can enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. 

If you need more information about how to look after flowers or you would like to make a flower order contact our highly trained staff and they will be able to help you further. Call or WhatsApp us on +974 3398 7658 .

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