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Valentines red roses

Be My Valentine

Enjoy Valentines Day

Celebrated on February 14th by admirers and lovers all over the world, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to show someone how you feel about them.  Valentine’s is thought to have stemmed from the Roman times in the third century.  Legend states that Emperor Claudius II did not allow marriage because he felt it made the men into bad soldiers.  A man called Valentine did not agree with this and defied Emperor Claudius II.  Valentine secretly married couples which then meant these men were not sent to war.  When the Emperor found out he put Valentine into jail to await execution.  Whilst in jail Valentine fell in love with the jailers daughter.  When he was taken to be executed on February 14th he sent a letter to the daughter and signed it “from Your Valentine“.

Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world.  Gifts of greetings cards, flowers, perfume and chocolates are exchanged between loved ones.  In Japan, it’s the women who do most of the gifting. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for Japanese women to freely confess their feelings, known as Kokuhaku.  A month later, on March 14th, the Japanese celebrate “White Day.” On this day men get an opportunity to spoil their women with gifts and unlike the women, the men are expected to spare no expense. It’s customary for the men to spend at least three times the amount that was spent on them.

The importance of red roses

All flowers are appropriate to send for Valentine’s day, but the red rose is synonymous with romance and love and therefore associated with Valentine’s Day.  When you think of Valentine’s Day you imagine red roses, the ultimate signal of love.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our beautiful collection of flowers.

In the 19th Century, Victorians would offer their love interests bouquets as a symbol of their interest in them.  A practice that later became known as “floriography”, which is still very much practised today.   It is also believed that the red rose became popular because when it is held towards the face it reflects its ‘redness’ which could be confused as a blush.

Red roses have been a powerful symbol of passion for many cultures through the ages. The rose was sacred to a number of goddesses including Isis of Egypt.  The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. So when Valentine’s Day became a significant day to celebrate love and affection what better flower to be used than a rose.

Plants for Valentines Day

Although roses are the leaders when it comes to Valentine’s Day other flowers and gifts are also equally well received.  In 2020 over 190 Million Valentine’s cards were given and over 130 million boxes of chocolates in the USA alone – showing that the celebration of Valentine’s day is still very much alive.  

Over the last few years plants have become a very popular addition to the gift market.  With a wonderful selection of indoor and outdoor plants to choose from plants are a great alternative to red roses.  With a little bit of tender loving care your gift of a plant can last for many years to come.  Making it a really special gift.  See our handpicked selection of plants. 

Luxurious gifts for your Valentine

Want to give red roses but want them to last without drying them?  Why not think about Rose Amor long lasting roses.  Natural roses that have been preserved to last in their natural form.  These luxurious roses are cut when they are at their most beautiful.  Then over a matter of days preserved so that they look natural.  Preserved roses can be enjoyed for at least one year and if you decide to keep them in a covered vase away from the elements they may last for many more.  

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with the one you love.  Show them how much you care with a fresh bouquet of red roses, luxurious perfume, or a sumptuous indoor plant.  Scatter red petals around your home, make a beautiful candlelit dinner, and enjoy your time with your true love. For more inspiration check out our Valentine’s Day selection

   Happy Valentine's Day
red rose heart with white hydrangea, white tulips in a basket
Love in a Basket

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