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Floral gifts for Ramadan with a candle

Ramadan is the Holy month for Muslims. A month where you self reflect, fast and dedicate your time to prayer. It is also a great time of year to send floral gifts to your loved ones near and far to show them that you are thinking of them. What is not to love about fresh floral gifts arriving to your doorstep at work or at home? Read on for some more ideas on the best floral gifts for each person. 

Amazing fresh floral gifts

Same day delivery of your floral gifts in Qatar

From bouquets to flower arrangements and everything in between, Plaza Hollandi has it covered. We have floral gifts that will say ‘well done’ for committing to your first Ramadan. Or ‘thank you’ after you have spent some lovely time with friends and family for Iftar. Whatever the Ramadan message you want to send to your friends and family, sending a floral gift with a beautiful message is a perfect way to portray exactly what you would like to say.

Our signature Ramadan crescent moons are a beautiful Ramadan decoration to add to your home. These large floral gifts, approximately 60cm, are full of fresh seasonal flowers. Display them as a centerpiece on your table or on your sideboard for all to see.  Some of our customers even add beautiful fairy lights to their floral gifts to add a little twinkle in the evening. With so many different colours of the crescent moon to choose you can e sure there will be one to match your interior.

These floral gifts are also a great idea to send to someone in Qatar.  Someone who you may not be able to see as much as you would like to this Ramadan.  Well, don’t, worry we can arrange same-day someone flower delivery anywhere in Qatar to ensure your gift is sent directly to their door.  

Floral gifts with perfume

Created especially by fragrance experts for our Qatari customers, Plaza Hollandi perfume is long-lasting, sophisticated and the perfect addition to any perfume collection.  Each fragrance is filled with the finest ingredients including OUD, Ambergris, Musk or Patchouli. 

Choose from four distinct scents, designed to appeal to your senses.  Created with a high concentration of perfume (30%), ensuring that the fragrance accompanies you all day. 

Our collection of exclusive Flowers and Perfume are beautifully arranged to make any occasion special. Whether you are looking for a floral gift for a birthday in Ramadan or just a new scent to send to someone to spoil them our floral gifts of perfume and flowers are a great choice. 

Long-lasting Floral Gifts

Sometimes you want a floral gift to last a little longer than a seasonal fresh flower arrangement. For this, we would highly recommend long-lasting roses. Real roses that have been preserved to last for many years to come.  They are available in so many colours and are the perfect floral gift to give to someone. These beautiful preserved roses are easy to look after! As long as they are not exposed to the elements then they will last a few years, and they do not need water. 


Perfect to send to a friend or family member who you maybe will not be able to see as much as you like this Ramadan. This floral gift would look beautiful on a coffee table, side table or next to their bed as a reminder that you are thinking of them. Available for same-day flower delivery anywhere in Qatar, long-lasting roses are perfect to show someone that they are in your thoughts this Ramadan.  

Divine floral gifts with chocolates and macarons

Who doesn’t love chocolates and macarons? What could be nicer than breaking your fast one day with a beautiful chocolate for Pierre Hermé? Scrumptious chocolates and macarons are made here in Qatar by a world-famous chocolatier. These delicious chocolates and macarons now come as a floral gift and are ONLY available with flowers from Plaza Hollandi. 

Imagine opening your door to a delivery of delicious chocolates or macarons with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Display your flowers on your dining table surrounded by your Iftar feast, and enjoy a few sweet treats after your daily fast. 

Going to someone else’s house to break your fast at Iftar, and you need a Ramadan Gift to take? Our flowers and chocolates are a perfect ‘thank you for having me’.  

Need more inspiration for your floral gifts?

Do you still need more inspiration for your floral gifts? Check out a few of these sites that show you how to decorate your home for Ramadan using flowers and also what gifts are good to send to your friends and family this Ramadan. 

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