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palm trees

Trees are all over our world. From large trees in the Amazon forest to small fruit trees that provide us with delicious apples, pears, and mangos. Trees are the longest living organism on earth, producing oxygen for us to breathe, and reducing carbon dioxide that pollutes our environment. In this blog we will talk about amazing trees, how to keep them healthy, some care tips and tree care. 

Amazing Trees Are All Around

A tree for all occasions

Trees are such versatile plants, growing all over the world. Where some other plants would find it impossible to grow, such as the desert or artic, the humble tree will grow. 

There are over 60,000 species of trees in the world. Trees can produce shade, stabilise loose ground with their roots, provide food and purify the air around us. There are so many uses for the humble tree that they should definitely have a prominent place in your garden, farm or landscape design.

Trees are vital for human survival. As the biggest plant on the planet they give us oxygen to breathe, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life and a place to sleep to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with materials to make tools, homes, fire, shelter, and food. 

Planting trees in your garden can help to produce a home for birds and squirrels etc. and a welcome canopy of shade in the summer months. 

Our most popular trees for outside are frangipani, neem, olive trees, Sidra tree, Poinciana, and of course the wonderful fragrant Jasmine tree. Trees in Qatar need to be tolerant of high temperatures.

Palm trees are a great way to add some diversity to your planting scheme and are a symbol of prosperity.  Palm trees are the perfect tree for Qatar, water tolerant and they also can withstand the harsh weather that Qatar sometimes has. Palm trees make a great feature piece in your outdoor area, introducing structure and shade without having lots of branches that take space. They also produce the most beautiful fruit, dates. Often the first thing you would eat to break your fast in Ramadan. 

How to care for your trees

Trees are relatively easy to look after. Depending on where you plant them and the tree care afterwards.  Here are some of our top tips to boost the health of your trees and make sure your trees stay with you for years to come. 

Firstly, take time to decide where to plant your tree. By choosing the right place with enough room for the tree to fully settle into. The space must have enough sunlight and or shade and not be too close to any other large plants as these will take the nutrients your tree needs to grow.  

Secondly, just like any other plant, you will need to water your trees. If there is no natural water source, such as rain, you will need to water your trees. Mature trees will need at least an inch of water per week, more in the heat of the Qatar summer.

Thirdly, fertilise your trees. This is especially important for fruiting trees and flowering trees. In a forest trees would receive natural fertilisation from the surrounding plants. In our gardens and back yards, we need to give them the same. Apply a slow-release fertiliser that will gently release the right nutrients into the soil. 


pruning a palm tree

Fourthly, prune your trees. This not only encourages new growth but fruit trees will encourage fruit production. It is best to prune a tree after it has finished flowering, fruiting, or produced leaves. If tree maintenance sounds too laborious for you, our professional maintenance staff are here to help. Contact (+974) 7448 9050 or Email: [email protected].

Leave the trees to the professionals

An arborist or tree surgeon is a professional in the cultivation and management of trees and other woody plants. An arborist knows everything there is to know about trees. Professional arborists are trained to provide proper care to and management that will lead to healthy trees. Their expertise includes planting, pruning, fertilising, transplanting, and tree removal. 

When embarking on a large landscaping project it is best to employ a professional landscape designer and if you think you will be planting many trees you should also sort the advice of an arborist. Someone who knows about trees and where to plant them. 

As a general rule, you don’t need permission to plant trees in your garden, however, be careful where you plant them.  Some trees root systems can grow so much that they can affect the nearby buildings, causing damage to the structure and in some cases causing subsidence. 

How to plant a tree

So we have discussed how to look after your trees and also when we would recommend the help of professional garden and tree specialists. Now we will touch on the best way to plant your tree. 

When your tree is delivered or you have brought it home from the garden centre, the first thing to do would be to give the root ball a big watering.  Thoroughly soak the base of the tree. This will enable you to spread the roots out slightly, which will encourage the tree to spread its roots in the ground when planted. This stage is especially important if the tree has been in the same pot for a long time.  

Dig a hole at least three times as wide as the tree root ball. Then place the root ball into the hole, making sure that the top of the base of the tree is level with the soil around. Refill the hole with the soil, ensuring that there are no air pockets around the roots and the soil is tight.  

Amazing Trees

If the tree is top-heavy, make sure you add a stake until it has grown and becomes stable.  Then water your plant again and sit back and watch it grow.

There are plenty of trees that will do just as well in a pot as they would do in the soil. These include a lemon tree, orange tree, plumeria, fig tree, and olive tree. There are positives to growing trees in pots. You can move them to a shadier place when the weather becomes very warm. The negative is that they will be limited to what size they can grow due to the size of the pot. 

Trees have a place in all outdoor environments and it could be said that they are the most special plants we have.  As they give us the oxygen we need to breathe.  

For more information on the trees that Plaza Hollandi has available please contact our plant nursery team. ☎ (+974) 7448 9050 ✆ (+974) 5559 8409 email: [email protected]

tree trunk close up

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