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People often make the mistake of choosing which plant they want before they know where it should go.  The truth is, you should decide where you want your plant to go before you decide which plant to buy. This is because different plants will thrive in different places in your home. Depending on the amount of space and light that is available.

Choose the right houseplant for your home.

Know where to place your plants, and how to care for them

When choosing a good spot for your plant there are a few things to consider.  Firstly think about the space that you want to fill. One of the most common mistakes we see is when plants squeeze in between furniture or shelving. Squeezing plants between or behind pieces of furniture is a sure way to block the air flow. This makes it difficult for your plant to breathe. 

Good air flow helps to ensure a healthier, long living plant with strong stems allowing your plant to achieve a better temperature control and CO2 replenishment, reducing the occurrence of diseases.

Secondly, humidity. Some plants absolutely love a humid environment and others absolutely loathe it. If you desire a tropical plant like a bird of paradise or Philodendron you will need to mist these plants daily to ensure proper moisture. If this sounds like too much work, then it might be worth choosing another plant that requires less humidity.

Thirdly, temperature. Temperature is a very important factor in plant wellness. When it comes to temperature the main thing to keep in mind is that air conditioning causes the soil to dry out more slowly. The cooler temperature can also hinder the humidity. So make sure to choose a plant that will fit into the temperature you have at home.  

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Houseplants in your home

Choosing the right houseplants for your home

What size plant should you buy for your home?  This is usually the first question to ask yourself when you are buying a houseplant. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Where will you houseplant go? Generally, floor plants should be taller, while plants that sit on a table or sideboard should be shorter.
  2. Remember your plant will grow, so it is a good idea to buy a plant that is a little smaller than the one you ultimately want to fill the space. And you may want to have a slow-growing plant so you don’t fill your space quickly. 
  3. Bigger houseplants = heavier house plants. Which make them a little more difficult to move around. Smaller plants are easier to pick up and rearrange whenever you desire. 
  4. What is the look you want? Are you going for a jungle feel or a minimalistic approach? A small plant on top of a giant table may look a little weird, while a large plant may dwarf the table. Try to keep your plant in proportion t the rest of the room. 

Caring for your houseplants

When you buy a plant make sure to ask for the details of how to look after each specific plant.  Not all plants are the same, and they all need something different. The staff at our garden centre are more than happy to explain to you the best way to ensure your houseplant loves its new home. 

Watering your houseplants

The most time intensive part of owning houseplants is watering your plants. It can also be the most common way people kill their plants. Some indoor plants thrive with lots of water, and others like to be watered sporadically. However, one thing is for sure, if you don’t water your plants they will die.  So how much water is enough?

The best advice is to check the soil level before watering. How often you should water your plant depends on your plant type.  Our staff can give you advice about this.  But in general, a succulent plant will only need watering once a week, because it is used to an arid environment.  A tropical plant like a Monstera or strelitzia will need water every few days because they are used to a damp environment. The best way to determine what water your plant needs is to talk to our knowledgeable staff or think about where your plant originates from.  Does it come from the desert, the jungle or a European garden?

Fertilising your houseplants

All plants need fertiliser.  Just as we need food, plants need to replenish the nutrients they remove from the soil, which will deplete over time. 

Using fertiliser helps to keep the soil in your houseplants nutrient-rich. Keeping them green, happy and flowering. 

Always follow the care instruction on the fertiliser for your specific plant. 

houseplants surrounding a bed

Wiping your plants

Everyone knows they need to water their indoor plants, but it is equally important to wipe the leaves to remove any residue to allow your plants to ‘breathe’.

A gentle wipe with a damp paper towel once every few weeks will remove any dust or residue that may clog the pores of the leaves not allowing them to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This can have a negative effect on the plant’s health and cause it to look dull and lifeless.

Trimming and pruning your plants

It is important to regularly trim and cut any dead leaves or overgrown stems on your plants to encourage them to grow to their fullest potential and look fresh and healthy in your home. 

Cut the stem at an angle and preferably not over a nodule (a join on the stem) with a clean knife or secateurs. A dirty knife or pair of secateurs may create an infection in the plant.  

cutting back a monstera plant

Where to buy your houseplants?

So now you have all the information you need to be able to buy the right house plants for the right space, home and amount of care.  Head on over to our garden centre, situated just off Wholesale Market Street and immerse yourself in our green oasis in the desert.  With fresh deliveries of new and exciting plants weekly you can be sure we will have the right plants for you.  Our staff are happy and willing to help you choose which plant baby you need and want to take home. 

For more information about where to buy plants in Qatar take a look at our blog. 

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